TOM DI College Wrestling Rankings 01.23.2012

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Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Zach Sanders Sr. Minnesota 1
2 Matt McDonough Jr. Iowa 2
3 Alan Waters So. Missouri 3
4 Jesse Delgado Fr. Illinois 4
5 Nic Bedelyon Sr. Kent State 5
6 Frank Perrelli Sr. Cornell 6
7 Nico Megaludis Fr. Penn State 7
8 Jarrod Patterson Jr. Oklahoma 8
9 Levi Mele Jr. Northwestern 9
10 Matt Snyder Jr. Virginia 10
11 Steve Bonano Jr. Hofstra 11
12 Anthony Zanetta Jr. Pittsburgh 12
13 Johnni Dijulius Fr Ohio State 13
14 Ryak Finch Fr. Iowa State 15
15 Jon Morrison So. Oklahoma State 14
16 Joe Roth So Central Michigan 16
17 Ty Mitch Fr. Virginia Tech 17
18 Trent Sprenkle Jr. North Dakota State 19
19 Mike Martinez Sr. Wyoming 20
20 Jared Germaine So. Eastern Michigan 18


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Devin Carter So. Virginia Tech 1
2 Jordan Oliver Jr. Oklahoma State 3
3 Logan Steiber Fr. Ohio State 4
4 Tony Ramos So. Iowa 2
5 AJ Schopp Fr. Edinboro 5
6 BJ Futrell Jr. Illinois 6
7 Chris Dardanes Fr Minnesota 7
8 Cashe Quiroga So. Purdue 8
9 Ryan Mango Jr. Stanford 9
10 Jordan Keller Sr. Oklahoma 10
11 Nick Soto Fr Chattanooga 11
12 Joe Colon Jr. Northern Iowa 12
13 Steven Keith Jr. Harvard 13
14 Bryan Ortenzio Sr. Penn 14
15 Zac Stevens Sr. Michigan 15
16 Fred Santaite Sr. Boston 16
17 Zach Zehner Fr. Wyoming 17
18 Matt Nelson Sr. Virginia 18
19 Ridge Kiley Jr. Nebraska 19
20 Shelton Mack So Pittsburgh 20


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Kellen Russell Sr. Michigan 2
2 Boris Novachkov Sr. Cal Poly 3
3 Kendric Maple So. Oklahoma 1
4 Michael Mangrum Jr. Oregon State 4
5 Hunter Stieber Fr. Ohio State 7
6 Montell Marion Sr. Iowa 5
7 Jake Sueflohn Fr. Nebraska 6
8 Nick Nelson Sr. Viginia 10
9 Zack Kemmerer Sr. Penn 11
10 Nick Dardanes Fr. Minnesota 13
11 Josh Kindig So. Oklahoma State 8
12 Luke Goettl Fr Iowa State 14
13 Darrius Little Sr North Carolina State 17
14 Matt Mariacher Sr. American 12
15 Tyler Small So Kent State 9
16 Zach Niebert So Virginia Tech 15
17 Adam Krop So Princeton 16
18 Billy Ashnault Sr Rutgers 18
19 Mitchell Port Fr. Edinboro 19
20 Kevin Smith Sr. Buffalo 20


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Frank Molinaro Sr. Penn State 1
2 Jamal Parks Sr. Oklahoma State 2
3 Cole Von Ohlen Jr. Air Force 3
4 Mario Mason Jr. Rutgers 4
5 Eric Grajales So. Michigan 5
6 Donnie Vinson So. Binghamton 6
7 David Habat Fr. Edinboro 7
8 Ian Miller Fr. Kent State 8
9 Nick Lester So Oklahoma 10
10 Cam Tessari Fr. Ohio State 11
11 Dylan Ness Fr. Minnesota 12
12 Corey Jantzen Sr. Harvard 9
13 Ivan  Lopouchanski Jr. Purdue 14
14 Josh Wilson So Utah Valley 15
15 Eric Terrazas Sr. Illinois 13
16 Scott Sakaguchi So. Oregon State 17
17 Tyler Nauman Sr. Pittsburgh 18
18 Mike Kelly Fr Iowa 16
19 Kyle Bradley So. Missouri 19
20 Dan Osterman Jr. Michigan State NA


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Kyle Dake Jr Cornell 1
2 Jason Welch Jr. Northwestern 2
3 Ganbayar Sanjaa Sr. American 3
4 Walter Peppleman Jr. Harvard 4
5 Justin Lister Sr. Binghamton 5
6 Dylan Alton Fr. Penn State 6
7 James Fleming Jr Clarion 7
8 James Green Fr. Nebraska 8
9 Albert White Sr. Oklahoma State 9
10 Steven Monk So North Dakota State 10
11 Kyle John Sr. Maryland 14
12 Frank Hickman Jr. Bloomsburg 12
13 Drake Houdashelt Fr. Missouri 13
14 Matt Lester So. Oklahoma 11
15 Corey Mock So. North Carolina 15
16 George Ivanov Jr Boise State 16
17 RJ Pena So. Oregon State 17
18 Anthony Jones Sr. Michigan State NA
19 John Nicholson So. Old Dominion 19
20 Mallie Shuster Jr. Kent State 20


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 David Taylor So. Penn State 1
2 Josh Asper Jr. Maryland 2
3 Shane Onufer Sr. Wyoming 3
4 Gabe Burak Sr. Northern Colorado 4
5 Andrew Sorenson Sr. Iowa State 5
6 Bekzod Abdurakhmanov Sr. Clarion 6
7 Robert Kokesh Fr Nebraska 8
8 Conrad Polz Jr Illinois 9
9 Ben Jordan Jr. Wisconsin 11
10 Cody Yohn Jr. Minnesota 10
11 Mike Evans Fr Iowa 7
12 Scott Winston Jr. Rutgers 12
13 Bubby Graham Jr. Oklahoma 14
14 Kyle Blevins Sr. Appalacian State 15
15 Peter Yates Jr. Virginia Tech 16
16 Joe Booth Jr. Drexel 17
17 PJ Gillespie Sr. Hofstra 13
18 Zach Toal So. Missouri 18
19 Dallas Bailey So. Oklahoma State 19
20 Dan Yates So Michigan 20


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Ed Ruth So. Penn State 1
2 Nick Amuchastegui Sr. Stanford 2
3 Ryan Desroches Sr. Cal Poly 3
4 Chris Perry So. Oklahoma State 4
5 Justin Zeerip Sr. Michigan 5
6 Logan Storley Fr. Minnesota 6
7 Nick Heflin So. Ohio State 7
8 Ethan Lofthouse So. Iowa 8
9 Jimmy Sheptock So. Maryland 11
10 Te Edwards Sr Old Dominion 12
11 Lee Munster Fr. Northwestern 9
12 Jordan Blanton Jr Illinois 10
13 Greg Zanetti Jr Rutgers 13
14 Jim Resnick Jr Rider 14
15 Mike Dessino Jr Bloomsburg 19
16 Nick Purdue Sr Ohio 15
17 Patrick Martinez So. Wyoming 17
18 Curran Jacobs Sr. Michigan State 20
19 Turtogtokh Luvsandorj Jr. Citadel 16
20 Patrick Wright Sr Missouri 18


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Joe LeBlanc Jr. Wyoming 1
2 Robert Hamlin Jr. Lehigh 2
3 Quentin Wright Jr. Penn State 3
4 Steve Bosak Jr. Cornell 4
5 Ben Bennett Jr. Central Michigan 5
6 Ryan Loder So. Northern Iowa 6
7 Kevin Steinhaus So. Minnesota 7
8 Josh Inhen Jr. Nebraska 8
9 Cody Magrum Jr Ohio State 9
10 Ben Clymer Sr Hofstra 10
11 Luke Rebertus Sr. Navy 11
12 Jon Fausey So. Virginia 12
13 Boaz Beard So. Iowa State 13
14 Austin Trotman Sr. Appalachian State 15
15 Mike Larson Jr. Missouri 18
16 Matt Ryan Sr West Virginia 17
17 Braden Atwood Fr Purdue 18
18 Eric Schmidtke Jr Oklahoma 14
19 Casey Newburg Jr Kents State 20
20 Vinnie Wagner Sr Iowa 19


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Chris Honeycutt Sr. Edinboro 1
2 Cam Simaz Sr. Cornell 2
3 Brent Haynes Jr. Missouri 3
4 Sonny Yohn Sr. Minnesota 4
5 Matt Powless Sr Indiana 5
6 Micah Burak Jr. Penn 6
7 Matt Wilps Jr Pittsburgh 7
8 Alfonso Hernandez Jr Wyoming 8
9 Cayle Byers/Rosholt Sr Oklahoma State 9
10 Christian Boley So. Maryland 10
11 Maxwell Huntley Fr Michigan 11
12 Mario Gonzalez So. Illinois 12
13 Joe Kennedy Sr. Lehigh 13
14 John Hall Sr Boston 14
15 Dan Mitchell Jr American 15
16 Morgan McIntosh Fr Penn State 16
17 Taylor Meeks Fr Oregon State 17
18 Andrew Campolattano Fr Ohio State 18
19 Ryan Smith Sr Cal Poly 19
20 Nick McDiarmid Fr Michigan State NA


Rank Wrestler Grade School Last
1 Ryan Flores Sr. American 1
2 Zach Rey Sr. Lehigh 2
3 Alan Gelogaev Jr. Oklahoma State 3
4 Tony Nelson So. Minnesota 4
5 Clayton Jack Sr. Oregon State 5
6 Cameron Wade Sr. Penn State 6
7 Jeremy Johnson So Ohio 7
8 Bobby Telford/Rasing Fr Iowa 10
9 Ben Apland Jr. Michigan 11
10 Tucker Lane Sr. Nebraska 8
11 Levi Cooper Jr. Arizona State 9
12 Nick Gwiazdowski Fr Binghamton 12
13 Mike McMullan Fr Northwestern 13
14 Peter Capone So Ohio State 14
15 Spencer Myers So Maryland 15
16 Matt Gibson Jr. Iowa State 16
17 Brendan Barlow Sr. Kent State 17
18 Peter Sturgeon Sr Central Michigan 18
19 Kyle Frey Sr Drexel 19
20 Brandon Williamson Sr West Virginia 20


Rank Team
1 Oklahoma State
2 Penn State
3 Minnesota
4 Iowa
5 Cornell
6 Nebraska
7 Ohio State
8 Illinois
9 Wyoming
10 Oklahoma
11 Michigan
12 Kent State
13 Missouri
14 Maryland
15 Pittsburgh
16 Lehigh
17 Oregon State
18 Northwestern
19 Edinboro
20 Central Michigan
21 Binghamton
22 Virginia Tech
23 Rutgers
24 Penn
25 Viginia


  1. taylor walsh just beat osterman and 4 ranked wrestlers this yr

  2. he also has some bad losses.

  3. I agree V. Walsh beat Grajies but then lost to him the last 3 times they wrestled. He is very up and down. But very dangerous.

  4. logan stieber rank 3rd ? He had one bad match and he beat carter 6-1 and ramos 7-0

  5. You do a great job with your rankings and I check them every week. So, this is just my opinion, Devin Carter does not belong at #1. Oliver NCAA champ. Stieber wins: #1, #4, #5,#8×2,#13,#15,#19,#20. Carter wins:#4,#5,#9,#18×2.

  6. I like Walsh a lot, I will look again at him, but he has been inconsistent, I believe I had him the highest ranked at one point. But he failed to place in his last two tournaments. Losing to UR guys. Osterman has been a little up and down as well, but also has some wins over those Taylor has lost too.

    As for Carter, he was number one last week, did not lose and now you guys think he should drop a spot? I can not see much logic in that suggestion.

  7. Maybe out of ignornace..but how many good wins does Albert White have this year vs. losses. Also Mangrum should be ahead of Maple.

  8. Why should Mangrum be ahead of Maple?

  9. If you don’t see the logic by all means keep Carter at number one. But, we’ll still have to agree to disagree as we seem to see different logic in their resumes.

  10. I understand that #1 usually doesn’t get displaced if he doesn’t lose. But the circumstances at 133 are unusual and need to be looked at. Stieber’s got decisive wins over Carter and Ramos. He only has one loss. Carter only has one loss but it was 6-1 to Stieber. What if Stieber beats Oliver at National Duals? Would Carter still be #1 because he hadn’t lost since being placed atop the weight? Does that make any sense?

  11. yes it does make sense.

    You may not agree with that, but yes it does. Stieber didnt just lose he got handled.

    Also that loss is newer the Carter’s loss at the start of the season.

    I respect that you disagree, but this is now I see it.

  12. Wait, he got “handled”? Not as bad as he “handled” Ramos and Carter. I was “okay” with your ranking, but the more I see you argue the more I find myself at odds. Especially your saying even if Stieber beats Oliver he would not be #1???

  13. Okay. Time for me to move on. I still very much enjoy and respect your rankings.

  14. Stieber’s loss was due to a takedown by Dardanes literally as time expired. Otherwise it goes to OT. I agree that for the last two periods, Stieber was out-wrestled by Dardanes but it was still a close bout.

    Here’s my question: does it make sense to you that even if Stieber were to beat Oliver, he’d still be ranked behind Carter–whom he beat 6-1? The problem is that Carter should never have been ranked ahead of Stieber–in spite of Logan’s loss.

  15. I was 5 feet away from them in the Stieber vs. Dardanes match. Dardanes out wrestled him in every position and scramble. I was very surprised about it.

    Again, you can disagree I am fine with that. But under your logic once you beat a guy you can never ranked below that guy. Now to me that makes no sense.

    In the end, they still have to wrestle the matches, and all of these guys have plenty remaining and things will work themselves out. I stand by how I have them currently. Unlike other rankers we are more the willing to discuss things and make changes where appropriate.

  16. Viratas: I appreciate your willingness to discuss. The issue in my mind is the faulty logic. We’ll agree to disagree. Incidentally–AWN has it Oliver, Stieber, Carter, Ramos–which is more sensible. I’ll stop commenting on this topic other than to say I respect how difficult it is to do rankings. Your efforts are appreciated.

  17. Mangrum and Maple have both had great seasons. Maple hasn’t had the competition in terms of top 10 guys. He has less “good wins”. And a “worse loss” to Goettl, though he has been coming on lately a bit he lost badly to Kindig a few days after beating Maple. Better question is why should Maple be ahead of Mangrum IMO. Mangrum has beaten Novatchkov, Steiber, Kindig, Sueflohn, Nelson, Little, etc. Maple has a signature win over Marion, who is now ranked #7.

  18. V,
    I have to disagree with Steiber being ranked below Carter. Not because of their head to head meeting. Among the top 3 guys, its rock scissors paper. Steiber wins. His loss to Dardanes, while it may have been more one sided than the score indicated, at the end of the day, he lost by a td at the end of regulation. If you are going to put Oliver over Steiber, you might as well put him over Carter as well.

  19. Another week and another plug for Dutton:-) Handily beat Ashnault who you have ranked.

  20. 133 is just loaded this year, but I think Oliver will be at top in the end. His loss to Ramos was an ovetime loss on a 3rd false start. He’s a defending NCAA champ, a world champ, and was undefeated last year. As good a these other guys are and how well they have wrestled this year and with all said, tell me you don’t believe the unbiased fan picks Oliver to win again with fairly high confidence. Steiber, Dardanes, Ramos, Carter, Futrell and possibly others are great wrestlers but the NCAA Wrestling fantasy picker when money is on the line overwhelming goes with Oliver. No disrespect to these other wreslters.