TOM UPDATED DI College Preseason Wrestling Rankings 11.01.2011

Welcome to TOM’s first ranking of the 2011-12 season. We have updated these to remove guys redshirting and make adjustments for know weight changes. Comments are welcome and we hope you enjoy. Team Rankings are at the end of the Individual Rankings.

Also, we appreciate the feedback, but keep it civil. We miss things and it is not intentional. Bring it to our attention and we will take it into consideration for the next week. Make sure you visit our forums for discussion and banter.

These are our preseason rankings for the upcoming season. We have omitted true freshman. They will be added once the season starts and we see where they stand. Also, if we have some info wrong or if you feel we are incorrect on things such as redshirts, etc.. and you have clear proof that states such, please let us know. Note unless someone has told us that a wrestler is redshirting we left them in the rankings.

Our first official rankings will come out next Monday and will be posted every Monday throughout the season.


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Matt McDonough Jr. Iowa
2 Zach Sanders Sr. Minnesota
3 Jarrod Patterson Jr. Oklahoma
4 Nic Bedelyon Sr. Kent State
5 Matt Snyder Jr. Virginia
6 Alan Waters So. Missouri
7 Jon Morrison So. Oklahoma State
8 Frank Perrelli Sr. Cornell
9 Levi Mele Jr. Northwestern
10 Trent Sprenkle Jr. North Dakota State
11 Mark Rappo Sr. Penn
12 Jason Lara Sr. Oregon State
13 Anthony Zanetta Jr. Pittsburgh
14 Sean Boyle Jr. Michigan
15 Jesse Delgado Fr. Illinois
16 Michael Martinez Sr. Wyoming
17 Steve Bonano Jr. Hofstra
18 Garrett Frey Jr. Princeton
19 Joey Langel Sr Rutgers
20 Ryak Finch Fr. Iowa State


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Jordan Oliver Jr. Oklahoma State
2 BJ Futrell Jr. Illinois
3 Tony Ramos So. Iowa
4 Cashe Quiroga So. Purdue
5 Ryan Mango Jr. Stanford
6 Devin Carter So. Virginia Tech
7 David Thorn So. Minnesota
8 Logan Steiber Fr. Ohio State
9 Zac Stevens Sr. Michigan
10 Nate McCormick Jr. Missouri
11 Jordan Keller Sr. Oklahoma
12 AJ Schoop Fr. Edinboro
13 Fred Santaite Sr. Boston
14 Garrett Drucker Sr. Oregon State
15 Aaron Kalil Sr. Navy
16 Jordan Thome Jr. Army
17 Colin Johnston Jr. West Virginia
18 Joe Stanzione Jr. Cornell
19 Bryan Ortenzio Sr. Penn
20 Ryen Nieman Fr. Indiana


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Kellen Russell Sr. Michigan
2 Boris Novachkov Sr. Cal Poly
3 Montell Marion Sr. Iowa
4 Zack Kemmerer Sr. Penn
5 Matt Mariacher Sr. American
6 Michael Mangrum Jr. Oregon State
7 Steve Dutton So. Lehigh
8 Josh Kindig So. Oklahoma State
9 Matthew Bonson Sr. Lock Haven
10 Nick Dardanes Fr. Minnesota
11 Kendric Maple So. Oklahoma
12 Vicente Varela Sr. Hofstra
13 Kevin Smith Sr. Buffalo
14 Nick Nelson Sr. Viginia
15 Mitchell Port Fr. Edinboro
16 Colin Shober Fr. Northwestern
17 Darrius Little Sr North Carolina State
18 Zach Niebert So Virginia Tech
19 Billy Ashnault Sr Rutgers
20 Max Mayfield Jr Iowa State


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Frank Molinaro Sr. Penn State
2 Jamal Parks Sr. Oklahoma State
3 Mario Mason Jr. Rutgers
4 Tyler Nauman Sr. Pittsburgh
5 Ivan  Lopouchanski Jr. Purdue
6 Eric Grajales So. Michigan
7 Dylan Ness Fr. Minnesota
8 Scott Sakaguchi So. Oregon State
9 Eric Terrazas Sr. Illinois
10 Cole Von Ohlen Jr. Air Force
11 Jacob Ballweg/Carew Fr. Iowa
12 Zac Cibula Jr. Rider
13 Cole Schmitt Jr. Wisconsin
14 Kaleb Friedley So. Northwestern
15 Matt Lester So. Oklahoma
16 Anthony Salupo Fr. Lehigh
17 Mark Hartenstine Fr. Campbell
18 Donnie Vinson So. Binghamton
19 Trent Weatherman So Iowa State
20 Vincent Varela Sr. Hofstra


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Kyle Dake Jr Cornell
2 Derek St. John So. Iowa
3 Jason Welch Jr. Northwestern
4 Ganbayar Sanjaa Sr. American
5 Walter Peppleman Jr. Harvard
6 Justin Lister Sr. Binghamton
7 Mark Lewandowski Jr. Buffalo
8 Jesse Dong Sr. Virginia Tech
9 Kyle John Sr. Maryland
10 Albert White Sr. Oklahoma State
11 Jake Deitchler So. Minnesota
12 Corey Mock So. North Carolina
13 Frank Hickman Jr. Bloomsburg
14 Chase Nelson Sr. Oklahoma
15 Jackson Morse So. Illinois
16 Dylan Alton/James English Fr. Penn State
17 RJ Pena So. Oregon State
18 Brandon Zeerip So. Michigan
19 James Fleming Jr Clarion
20 David Bonin Jr. Northern Iowa


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 David Taylor So. Penn State
2 Shane Onufer Sr. Wyoming
3 Josh Asper Jr. Maryland
4 Brandon Hatchett Sr. Lehigh
5 PJ Gillespie Sr. Hofstra
6 Scott Winston Jr. Rutgers
7 Bekzod Abdurakhmanov Sr. Clarion
8 Cody Yohn Jr. Minnesota
9 Zach Toal So. Missouri
10 Andrew Sorenson Sr. Iowa State
11 Dallas Bailey So. Oklahoma State
12 Robert Kokesh Fr Nebraska
13 Kyle Blevins Sr. Appalacian State
14 Joe Booth Jr. Drexel
15 Eren Civan Sr. Columbia
16 Ben Jordan Jr. Wisconsin
17 Mike Evans/Nick Moore Fr Iowa
18 Peter Yates Jr. Virginia Tech
19 Dan Yates So Michigan
20 Marshall Peppelman Fr Cornell


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Nick Amuchastegui Sr. Stanford
2 Ed Ruth So. Penn State
3 Jordan Blanton Sr. Illinois
4 Nick Heflin So. Ohio State
5 Hunter Meys Jr Boston
6 Ethan Lofthouse So. Iowa
7 Dorian Henderson Sr. Missouri
8 Jim Resnick Jr Rider
9 Chris Spangler Jr Iowa State
10 Eric Starks Sr Arizona State
11 Nick Purdue Sr Ohio
12 Ben Jordan Jr. Wisconsin
13 Justin Zeerip Sr. Michigan
14 Mike Dessino Jr Bloomsburg
15 Turtogtokh Luvsandorj Jr. Citadel
16 Matt Fullowan Sr Franklin & Marshall
17 Ryan LeBlanc So. Indiana
18 Patrick Martinez So. Wyoming
19 Ethen Headlee Jr. Pittsburgh
20 Lee Munster Fr. Northwestern


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Quentin Wright Jr. Penn State
2 Robert Hamlin Jr. Lehigh
3 Grant Gambrall Jr. Iowa
4 Steve Bosak Jr. Cornell
5 Joe LeBlanc Jr. Wyoming
6 Kevin Steinhaus So. Minnesota
7 Ben Bennett Jr. Central Michigan
8 Chris Perry So. Oklahoma State
9 Ryan Loder So. Northern Iowa
10 Josh Inhen Jr. Nebraska
11 Luke Rebertus Sr. Navy
12 Boaz Beard Sr Iowa State
13 Jacob Swartz So. Bosie State
14 Austin Trotman Sr. Appalachian State
15 Danny Mitchell Jr. American
16 Jon Fausey So. Virginia
17 Matt Ryan Sr West Virginia
18 Mike Larson Jr. Missouri
19 Diego Bencomo Jr. Duke
20 Eric Schmidtke Jr Oklahoma


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Cam Simaz Sr. Cornell
2 Sonny Yohn Sr. Minnesota
3 Matt Powless Sr Indiana
4 Chris Honeycutt Sr. Edinboro
5 Micah Burak Jr. Penn
6 Cayle Byers Sr Oklahoma State
7 Matt Wilps Sr Pittsburgh
8 Joe Kennedy Sr. Lehigh
9 Brent Haynes Jr. Missouri
10 Kyven Gadson Fr Iowa State
11 AJ Kissel Sr Purdue
12 John Hall Sr Boston
13 Ryan Smith Sr Cal Poly
14 Michael Salopek Jr Virginia
15 Luke Macchiaroli So. Arizona State
16 Tyler Dickenson Sr Michigan State
17 Mario Gonzalez So. Illinois
18 Alex Polizzi Fr Northwestern
19 James Nakashima Sr Nebraska
20 Mike Wagner So. Rutgers


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Zach Rey Sr. Lehigh
2 Ryan Flores Sr. American
3 Spencer Myers So Maryland
4 Tony Nelson So. Minnesota
5 Levi Cooper Jr. Arizona State
6 Alan Gelogaev Jr. Oklahoma State
7 Cameron Wade Sr. Penn State
8 Tucker Lane Sr. Nebraska
9 Brendan Barlow Sr. Kent State
10 Mike McMullan Fr Northwestern
11 Bobby Telford/B. Rasing Fr Iowa
12 Ben Apland Jr. Michigan
13 Kyle Simonson Sr Iowa State
14 Elijah Madison Jr. Oklahoma
15 Zac Thomusseit Sr. Pittsburgh
16 Joe Rizqallah Jr. Michigan State
17 David Marone Sr. Virginia Tech
18 Clayton Jack Sr. Oregon State
19 Brandon Williamson Sr West Virginia
20 Eloheim Palma Jr. NC State


  1. WrestlingTerp

    Corey Peltier Maryland
    184 1/22 – #8 Luke Rebertus (Navy) W, 4-3
    184 2/19 – Diego Bencomo (Duke) W, 8-6 18-8
    184 3/5 – Diego Bencomo (Duke) W, 3-1 ACC

  2. Sentes will be taking a paternity-redshirt.

  3. Jack Skellington

    WrestlingTerp, will Peltier even be the starter?

    174 – Jimmy Sheptock dec. Corey Peltier 7-5

  4. Please refer to my previous post that lists his weight class last year. Peltier is the defending ACC champion at 184 and the likely starter at that weight.

    In 2000 NCAA runner-up Mike Miller lost the wrestle-off to freshman Ben Bennett and moved up a weight. It happens when programs have depth in their wrestling room.

  5. I meant 2010 for CMU’s Miller

  6. Mangrum has never been beat by the kid from American. Beat him head to head last year.

  7. Yea we missed that, I will switch them in the first regular season ranking.

  8. should 125 and 133 just say the #1 guy and then say “everybody else”?

  9. hey wrestlingterp could you go into a little more detail about depth in the wrestling room. i think you may be onto to something there.

  10. Hey, discuss this all on the message board. forum dot theopenmat dot com

  11. Watch out 4 Zannetti-174(RU) and Rinaldi-197(197)

  12. Powless is a Sr. James Fleming is wrestling according to Letters and should be ranked at 157.

  13. MidwestMauler

    Ben Jordan wrestling 165 for UW

  14. Thanks, new edits out in the morning,.

  15. onefortheroad

    Hey just noticed that you have Jordan ahead of Evans in the rankings, Evans beat him 6-2 at Midlands last year.

  16. Yep and I understand, but it is the whole body of work and evans has not won a spot yet

  17. Good job with rankings as always. If I may just bring a minor correction to your attention, Joey Langel is a red-shirt Jr, you have him listed as a Sr.

  18. Thanks will be fixed in Mondays rankings

  19. Terrazas beat Lopouchanski not once but twice last year!!! Nauman doesn’t place lest year at 141 and you have him at #4????

  20. Urpinned sorry we offended your senses. But Terrazas is a zero time AA the others are. This was the PRE season Rank… Regular season rankings start tomorrow. I really think you should relax, it is a long season.!!!!!?????

  21. OK, I’ll try and relax (ya right!), Lopouchanski has not AA’d. Nauman AA’d two years ago, I could see giving him such love if he placed last year but he didn’t at 141 and now he is up a weight. Just pointing out somethings that make you go hmmm!

  22. Fine I will explain why it happened that way. As I have said we are far from perfect, but we feel we do a good job. Go take a look at intermats rankings compared to this weeks results.

    Ok Terrazas: 26-11 last year. Started the season on fire. The middle of the year took his lumps, lost redshirt Ness, Osterman and a few others. 2-2 at nationals

    Lopo: 41 -10 (that nearly twice as many wins) – two losses to Terrazas which we agree on. But was 3-2 and round of 12.

    The biggest thing you should keep in mind with “PRE” season rankings are that Nationals last year play a large role in where wrestlers are placed. If Terrazas does what he did last year and continues to win then why worry? He will move up accordingly.