TOM: 2013 Class Top Wrestling Prospects 125

We are going to start releasing our Top Prospect reports. We will be doing updated versions of this three times a year. They will come out in the fall, winter and spring. As we write these we really want people to understand that these are not straight up rankings. In all honesty these are based on our observations and opinions that we develop after watching an athlete. We try and provide our objective opinion.

It is not all about which tournament you have won or whom you have defeated. It is about future potential at the Division I level. As with any opinion we may miss the mark on some and nail others, such is the nature of what we are doing. If you disagree, this is fine, but please respond in a civil manner and engage in constructive discussions.

College coaches, we are here to assist in any way that we can. Are you looking for a certain weight? How about an under the radar guy? We can help, contact us let us know how we can be of assistance.

Wrestlers we are also here to help you get noticed. We will miss guys for sure and if we do, let us know about you. Contact us and we will be more then happy to provide you with an objective report and answer any questions you may have.

We get things started with our 125 pound prospects. 125 and Heavyweight are two of the hardest weights for a team to fill. If you are wondering why, the answer is simple, it is hard to find a career 125 pound wrestler. Some end up never being big enough while others grow in their first few years of college. For big men, we lose a lot of good wrestlers to football. Also, some have a hard time getting big enough to compete at the DI level.

So keep in mind these are our projected weights. If we are incorrect, please contact us so we have the correct weight. Changes will be reflected in the next update.

We list our top 10 prospects first and then we list others to watch. The second group is in no particular order.

1. Joey Dance – Christiansburg, VA
College Choice: Virginia Tech
Projected Weight: 125

We have talked a lot about how hard it is to get a solid career heavyweight, well it is almost as hard to find a career 125 pound wrestler. Dance should be a career 125 which makes him a commodity. He is not the only one out there, but we do think he could have a long successful career at the college level. We do have one small concern and that is his size. We know we said it’s great that he will be a career 125 but the trend seems to be taller linker kind of guys. This is a very small concern due to the fact that he is very talented.

Dance moves very well on his feet and shows that he has a natural feel for when to attack. He really likes to hit a duck under, but has shown he can transition well from there. Meaning he has the ability to switch from a lower level attack to an upper body attack with little effort. Dance shows good mat awareness and a solid defense.

Another thing we like about him is that he actually looks to score from a front head position. It drives us nuts when we watch film after film and see top-level wrestlers lost on how to finish from a front head. Dance knows how and has shown he can score from there. We expect him to have a solid career at the next level.

2. Connor Schram – Canon-Mac, PA
College Choice: Undecided
Projected Weight: 125

Schram is a no contact kind of wrestler on his feet. He likes to stalk his opponents and looks for openings. One thing he does that we like is he just does not come straight in; he does what we call mini-circles when he is stalking his opponents. This can create angles for attacks and shows some real wrestling maturity…