NAIA Team & Individual Rankings – November 21

By Alan Grosbach
Manager of Communications and Sports Information

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Grand View (Iowa) took over at No. 1 in the first regular-season edition of the NAIA Wrestling Coaches’ Top 20 poll, the national office announced Wednesday. The Vikings, who claim their sixth top billing in the last seven polls, had 10 individuals land among the top 16 of their respective weight class to tally 137 points. Chad Lowman at 157 pounds, Derek Nightser at 197 pounds and heavyweight Eric Thompson headline the group as Grand View’s No. 1 ranked individuals.
Preseason top-ranked Southern Oregon rests at No. 2 with 99.5 points. The Raiders boast eight ranked wrestlers, including a trio of top-ranked individuals in 125-pounder Mitchell Lofstedt, Jimmy Eggemeyer at 149 pounds and 174-pounder Brock Gutches.

Campbellsville (Ky.) checked in at third with 87.5 points thanks to nine listed wrestlers, while No. 4 Missouri Valley and No. 5 Morningside (Iowa) round out the top five with 85.5 and 73.5 points, respectively. Missouri Valley boasts 10 ranked wrestlers and Morningside has nine individuals ranked, including Brian Block at 184 pounds.

No. 6 Great Falls (Mont.), No. 7 Montana State-Northern and No. 15 Indiana Tech all boast one top-ranked individual wrestler.

No. 19 Bacone (Okla.), who is landing its first Top 20 ranking since Oct. 2007, is the lone newcomer to the poll.

The poll was voted upon by a panel of head coaches representing each of the Qualifying Groups. The next rankings will be released on Dec. 5

Team Rankings

1Grand View (Iowa)1373
2Southern Oregon99.51
3Campbellsville (Ky.)87.53
4Missouri Valley85.516
5Morningside (Iowa)73.59
6Great Falls (Mont.)71.59
7Montana State-Northern66.510
8Cumberlands (Ky.)63.57
9Dickinson State (N.D.)5810
10Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)519
11Baker (Kan.)50.56
12Menlo (Calif.)5014
13Missouri Baptist4710
14Cumberland (Tenn.)4520
15Indiana Tech4410
16Oklahoma City3714
17York (Neb.)32.520
18Midland (Neb.)3210
19Bacone (Okla.)29NR
20Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)25.516

Others receiving votes: Wayland Baptist (Texas) 18, Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 16.5, Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) 10, William Penn (Iowa) 8, Concordia (Neb.) 6.5, Jamestown (N.D.) 6, Simpson (Calif.) 4, Northwestern College (Iowa) 4, Bethany (Kan.) 2.5, Brewton-Parker (Ga.) 2.5, Truett-McConnell (Ga.) 2.5, Waldorf (Iowa) 1.5

Individual Rankings

RankFirst NameLast NameSchoolPrevious
125 pounds
1MitchellLofstedtSouthern Oregon1
2KoryKistnerMorningside (Iowa)2
3BrydenLazaroDickinson State (N.D.)3
4DeteoreiousPraytherMissouri Baptist4
5SeanSilvaEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)7
6GabrielRomanMissouri Baptist6
7DannyLuttrellGreat Falls (Mont.)5
8KiddGomezOklahoma City9
9SeanBlumhardtJamestown (N.D.)8
10AlexPeitzGrand View (Iowa)10
11MyronBradburyLindsey Wilson (Ky.)12
12EmersonNegleyYork (Neb.)15
13RyanGauthierBacone (Okla.)NR
14EdgarPaezMenlo (Calif.)14
15BoBettinsonWaldorf (Iowa)16
16BrettYarbroughIndiana TechNR
16RyanStearnsMissouri ValleyNR
133 pounds
1TravisBarroquilloIndiana Tech1
2AngelGarciaMenlo (Calif.)2
3JakeWilliamsCumberland (Tenn.)3
4tyleralsipCampbellsville (Ky.)4
5BrianBitneyMissouri ValleyNR
5PrescottGardnerSouthern Oregon5
7RichardRiosDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)7
8DennisWelchMissouri Valley6
9ChrisPadillaMissouri Baptist8
10LuisBaltazarSouthern Oregon9
11CameronNeissMontana State-Northern11
12JaredWilmertMidland (Neb.)11
13ColtRogersBethany (Kan.)10
14GabrielMillerTruett-McConnell (Ga.)13
15ClaytonSteinmetzDickinson State (N.D.)15
16BlakePurselBaker (Kan.)NR
141 pounds
1MylesMazurkiewiczGreat Falls (Mont.)3
2GustavoMartinezGrand View (Iowa)2
3ChrisTeagueCampbellsville (Ky.)1
4WismitMoiniusLindsey Wilson (Ky.)4
5KevinOlsonMorningside (Iowa)NR
6JoshLopezYork (Neb.)9
7HunterAzureMontana State-Northern16
8JaredMcKinleyCumberland (Tenn.)13
9JoelOlivasBaker (Kan.)NR
10BrandonWestermanCampbellsville (Ky.)11
11ChaunceyZiemannMidland (Neb.)NR
12AdamFahsIndiana Tech5
13GustavoLopezMenlo (Calif.)NR
13DrewPartainBacone (Okla.)NR
15DillonKiferJamestown (N.D.)NR
16GarretLambrechtMorningside (Iowa)6
149 pounds
1JimmyEggemeyerSouthern Oregon1
2IsaiahTatumGrand View (Iowa)16
3AnthonieLinaresCumberlands (Ky.)2
4JakeEksterMissouri Valley11
5BradSteeleDickinson State (N.D.)3
6MikeVassarGreat Falls (Mont.)5
7CareyCloudWilliam Penn (Iowa)4
8DavidRiosMenlo (Calif.)8
9ShawnMcGheeCampbellsville (Ky.)NR
10NickHaugenBaker (Kan.)9
11MattMiltonCampbellsville (Ky.)10
12CodyGreenMidland (Neb.)14
13NicholasClarkeYork (Neb.)17
14StevenSandeferCumberland (Tenn.)7
15EsmondFordMissouri Baptist15
16AnthonyVegaSimpson (Calif.)NR
157 pounds
1ChadLowmanGrand View (Iowa)1
2ConorYoungCampbellsville (Ky.)2
3NicoMartinezMissouri Valley7
4RyanLeonardGreat Falls (Mont.)8
4RobertEklundYork (Neb.)5
6ArnolArroligaBacone (Okla.)NR
7JavierArellanoCumberlands (Ky.)NR
7DaltonUrrutiaSouthern Oregon4
9SterlingTerryMidland (Neb.)11
10EdwardCheffMontana State-Northern6
11kyleterryCampbellsville (Ky.)NR
12MarkMeyerOklahoma City16
13JordanLangleyMorningside (Iowa)15
14TreverDevesternDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)3
15JesseRoutsongEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)12
16JamesBennettIndiana Tech11
165 pounds
1EthanHinebauchMontana State-Northern1
2JimmieSchuesslerGrand View (Iowa)2
3ZachSkatesOklahoma City13
4KirkJohnsonCumberland (Tenn.)NR
5NicholasHutchesonDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)5
6GianTraversoMissouri Valley10
7ShawnLauGreat Falls (Mont.)13
8ZacharyBarkettCumberlands (Ky.)8
9DallasHouchinsGrand View (Iowa)16
10ZachFishmanNorthwestern (Iowa)12
10EricLopezMenlo (Calif.)17
12NathanSommerBaker (Kan.)4
13JustinSperinBrewton-Parker (GA)NR
13ChadMoreheadMorningside (Iowa)NR
15BryceAlexandarHannibal-LaGrange (MO)7
16SteffanBakerSt. Andrews UniversityNR
174 pounds
1BrockGutchesSouthern Oregon1
2JoseAlvarezWayland Baptist (Texas)2
3TannerMartinIndiana Tech3
4JosephSievertMorningside (Iowa)4
5MaxPayneMontana State-Northern5
6CodySwimGrand View (Iowa)9
7JamesHaywoodLindsey Wilson (Ky.)6
8NathanDownsHannibal-LaGrange (MO)8
9ThomasMomanGrand View (Iowa)10
10EziekielHuntCumberland (Tenn.)17
11TylerSarringarDakota Wesleyan (S.D.)12
12JoseCruz, IIIEmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)17
12DanielTothCumberlands (Ky.)NR
14RowanStanderMidland (Neb.)15
15TaylorVaughnGreat Falls (Mont.)NR
16TysonCampbellOklahoma City15
184 pounds
1BrianBlockMorningside (Iowa)3
2WestonKeleherMissouri Baptist4
3KodyReedMontana State-Northern9
4JeremyGardnerCumberlands (Ky.)8
4ChrisBerryBacone (Okla.)NR
6JesseHellingerDickinson State (N.D.)11
7JaridPriceBaker (Kan.)6
8JoshAshbrookCampbellsville (Ky.)11
9TylerThomasSouthern Oregon10
10JameelBryantLindsey Wilson (Ky.)NR
10ParkerOwenBaker (Kan.)NR
12CodyLintonCumberland (Tenn.)16
13LuisOnofreMenlo (Calif.)11
14SethCraneConcordia (Neb.)15
15DanCappHannibal-LaGrange (MO)NR
16ErickParsonsMenlo (Calif.)NR
197 pounds
1DerekNightserGrand View (Iowa)NR
2AllenScruggsCampbellsville (Ky.)2
3KoltonKerstenMidland (Neb.)3
4JoshManuMissouri Valley10
5JacobBradfordLindsey Wilson (Ky.)4
6MikeBrownOklahoma City1
7RobertShadrachBaker (Kan.)NR
8CharlesJohnsonSouthern Oregon8
9CourtneyFreemanCumberlands (Ky.)6
10BradleeCarlsYork (Neb.)7
11CarlLawrenceMissouri Valley8
12TobyCheffMontana State-Northern13
13KevinKeislerDickinson State (N.D.)12
14ChristopherBridgeford IIMorningside (Iowa)NR
15DustinBoydIndiana Tech13
16DylanLemeryGreat Falls (Mont.)16
285 pounds
1EricThompsonGrand View (Iowa)1
2BrandonGebhardtBaker (Kan.)2
3JoseLopezDickinson State (N.D.)3
4ScottBrasilMenlo (Calif.)4
5MichaelPezzutoCumberlands (Ky.)9
6SearsTiernanGreat Falls (Mont.)7
7DanielMuellerMissouri Valley10
8TheodoreFurnishLindsey Wilson (Ky.)15
9DillonHeeschConcordia (Neb.)8
10BubbaOwensSouthern Oregon5
11JonathanHuppLindsey Wilson (Ky.)NR
12AustinLobsingerSimpson (Calif.)NR
13TylerKacmarynskiMorningside (Iowa)NR
14GabiMusallamMissouri ValleyNR
15LoganRimmerIndiana Tech13
16CeserPonceBacone (Okla.)NR