AWN Redshirt & Non-Starter Rankings – December 6

So who’s worth watching that you won’t be seeing at the NCAA Championships in March? For the third year in a row, AWN has released the Division I Redshirt and non-starter rankings. Many of the athletes are in their first year of college competition, while others are spending their redshirt year honing their skills for one last run at the podium.

AWN tried to be as accurate as possible based on the information available. These rankings are in no way trying to slight any wrestlers who is unranked. If you have additional information on individuals, please send us information at Rankings will be released periodically through the season and will be updated to reflect pulled redshirts and list wrestlers who might end up losing their starting spot.

In some cases, wrestlers are listed because there hasn’t been a clear starter established.

Why did we do this? First, because we thought it would be interesting. Second, we wanted to get a snap shot of the future. Many of these wrestlers could become All-Americans and possibly National Champions. It also gives us some insight as to where programs may be in a year or two. These are in now way designed to be scientific, but more an overall view of things.

Rank Wrestler School
125 pounds
1 Anthony Zanetta Pittsburgh
2 Jarrod Patterson Oklahoma
3 Dylan Peters Northen Iowa
4 Tim Lambert Nebraska
5 Drew Templeman Wyoming
6 Cory Clark Iowa
7 Thomas Gilman Iowa
8 Edward Klimara Oklahoma State
9 Samuel Brancale Minnesota
10 Brian Bokoski North Carolina

133 pounds
1 Mason Beckman Lehigh
2 Ryan Mango Stanford
3 James Gulibon Penn State
4 Jesse Thielke Wisconsin
5 Laddie Rupp Oklahoma State
6 Zane Richards Illinois
7 Johnni DiJulius Ohio State
8 Zach Horan Central Michigan
9 Jake Smith Appalachian State
10 Randy Cruz Lehigh

141 pounds
1 Devin Carter Virginia Tech
2 Trevor Jauch Missouri
3 Joseph Stanzione Cornell
4 Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern
5 Walter Garrison Oklahoma State
6 Chris Mecate Old Dominion
7 Ty Lydic Pittsburgh
8 Nick Barber Eastern Michigan
9 Cole Mendenhall Wyoming
10 Josh Dziewa Iowa

149 pounds
1 James English Penn State
2 Josh Kindig Oklahoma State
3 Gus Sako Virginia
4 Dylan Cottrell Appalachian State
5 Seth Beitz Penn State
6 John Fahy Illinois
7 Mitchell Minotti Lehigh
8 Nicholas Carr Kent State
9 Luke Frey Penn State
10 Tim Hamilton Oklahoma

157 pounds
1 James Vollrath Penn State
2 Ian Miller Kent State
3 Zach Brunson Illinois
4 Bryce Busler Bloomsburg
5 Zach Witte Northern Iowa
6 Blaise Butler Virginia
7 Chris Castillo Boise State
8 Austin Trott Gardner Webb
9 Steven Keogh Minnesota
10 Ben Dorsay Maryland

165 pounds
1 Corey Mock North Carolina
2 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin
3 Tyler Mergen Air Force Academy
4 Jim Wilson Stanford
5 Clark Glass Oklahoma
6 Brandon Wilbourn Nebraska
7 Jackson Morse Illinois
8 Shaun’qae McMurtry Nebraska
9 Dylan Reel Minnesota
10 Brent Havlik Wyoming

174 pounds
1 Jim Resnick Rider
2 Turtogtokh Luvsandorj The Citadel
3 Mike Dessino Bloomsburg
4 Kyle Crutchmer Oklahoma State
5 Tyler Koehn Nebraska
6 Micah Barnes Nebraska
7 Jacob Davis Eastern Michigan
8 Zach Nevills Stanford
9 Jake Waste Buffalo
10 Marshall Peppelman Cornell

184 pounds
1 Travis Rutt Oklahoma
2 Lorenzo Thomas Penn
3 Brett Pfarr Minnesota
4 Jordan Rogers Oklahoma State
5 Konner Witt Air Force Acedemy
6 Victor Avery Edinboro
7 Jack Dechow Old Dominion
8 Benjamin Stroh Wyoming
9 Sam Brooks Iowa
10 Ryan Wolfe Rider

197 pounds
1 Morgan McIntosh Penn State
2 Joel Bauman Minnesota
3 Max Wessell Lehigh
4 Paul Rands Navy
5 Kevin Beazley Old Dominion
6 Austin Schafer Oklahoma State
7 Blaize Cabell Northern Iowa
8 Luke Jones Michigan State
9 Darnell Bortz Oklahoma State
10 Matt Idelson Columbia

285 pounds
1 Nick Gwiazdowski North Carolina State
2 Austin Marsden Oklahoma State
3 Devon Mellon Missouri
4 Michael Kroells Minnesota
5 Doug Vollaro Lehigh
6 Nick Tavanello Ohio State
7 Josh Marchok Stanford
8 Ross Larson Oklahoma
9 Tyson Yoder Oklahoma State
10 Terrance Jean-Jaques Rutgers