Radar Report: Union Community’s Max Thomsen


Max Thomsen of Union Community 126 Pounds, La Porte City, Iowa
Every weekend, we look at film and search for a wrestler we think put himself on the radar for fans and coaches. This wrestler is making some noise and garners some national attention or in their respective state. This individual may not always be ranked that high or is on the verge of being ranked, but has made us take notice.

This week’s wrestler is sophomore Max Thomsen of Union Community High in La Porte City, Iowa. This past weekend, Thomsen won his second state title in the Iowa Class 2A tournament.

He finished his sophomore season with a 49-0 record and only two of his 49 matches were won by regular decision, while the rest were won by a pin or a tech fall.

As of now, Thomsen has a 96-1 overall record in just his two seasons of high school wrestling.

Thomsen is a smart mat wrestler, with great hips that allows him to counter well and make it very difficult for his opponents to score on him. He uses his Ankle Pick and Fireman’s Carry move to obtain his takedowns with little or no problem at all. One thing that stands out is his ability to ride and turn his opponents. He makes people work underneath often leading to him tiring his opponents out. He has a great spiral ride and tightwaist far ankle move that makes it difficult for opponents to escape.
This was evident in his title match of the third period were he rode his opponent for nearly the entire period.

Notable wins- Michael Cook (Idaho), Colby Ems (Pennsylvania), Jacob Fontanez (Oklahoma), Josh Bird (Wisconsin), Josh Fuqua (Indiana), Bryce Humphreys (West Virginia), Casey Callahan (Illinois)