1972 Olympian Jimmy Carr passes away

By Craig Sesker
USA Wrestling

Jimmy Carr, the youngest Olympian in U.S. wrestling history, has passed away at age 57.

Carr died on Thursday afternoon in his hometown of Erie, Pa. following complications from a car accident.

Carr wrestled in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich Germany, while still in high school as a 17-year-old.

Carr was a Junior World champion and also made a Senior World Team for the United States in freestyle wrestling.

Carr Is part of the famous Carr wrestling family from Erie. He was one of 16 kids in the family. All nine boys wrestled and five were NCAA All-Americans.

Jimmy was an All-American for Kentucky.

Jimmy Carr’s younger brother, Nate, was a three-time NCAA champion for Iowa State and won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic Games.

“Jimmy was a huge inspiration for me and so many others,” Nate Carr said. “He loved his family and he loved wrestling. He was a prodigy and achieved some pretty incredible feats when he was very young. He was an incredible wrestler who was so mentally tough.

“Jimmy wouldn’t give me anything when we wrestled. He was four years older than me and I couldn’t take him down. I would end up crying and storming out of the room. Before I could become one of the best wrestlers in the World I just had to become the best wrestler in my own family.”

Jimmy Carr was a Pennsylvania State high school champion and also won the prestigious Midlands tournament against college opponents while he was still in high school.

More details will be provided when they become available.