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TOM NCAA Division I Wrestling Team Rankings – Tournament and Dual – Feb. 8th, 2017

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TOM has released our latest NCAA Division I team rankings for both tournaments and duals.  Our rankings use match-by-match data, supplied by our friends at WrestleStat, to project how each wrestler is likely to perform against various tiers of opponents.  For the dual ranking, simulated duals against every other team in the country, using today’s likely line-ups, are run with ...

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Top 10 NCAA Wrestling Matches to Watch This Week – Feb. 7th, 2017

Top Matches

This week we have another incredible slate of match-ups including some outstanding rematches. We’ve seen seven of these 10 match-ups before, including one in the national finals, one in last year’s round of 12, and two in big tournament finals earlier this season. We even saw one of these pairs scrap in the 2016 Big 10 final and then again ...

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Top Seven College Wrestling Performances of the Week – Feb. 6th, 2017

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There are times when this list is made up, primarily, of wrestlers winning close matches over other exceptional wrestlers.  This is to be expected as wrestling tough competition and earning big wins often necessitates a tough match won by a close score.  However, this week we’ve got some guys who are going out and crushing quality opposition.  There were three ...

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TOM’s College Wrestler of the Week – Feb. 5th, 2017

George DiCamillo, Virginia

George DiCamillo (Virginia) has had an amazing college career. He has won more than 100 matches, is a three-time ACC champion, and has been to the round of 12 at the NCAA tournament three times. The Virginia senior has done just about everything but earn All-American honors. This season he has moved up to 141 pounds and had another excellent ...

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