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The Five Previous Hodge Winners to Return to NCAA Competition

Returning Hodge Winners

In 1995, the Hodge Trophy was handed out for the first time with senior TJ Jaworsky (North Carolina) winning the inaugural award. It wasn’t until Cael Sanderson (Iowa State) won the first of his Hodge Trophies in 2000 that the most outstanding college wrestler of the year returned to compete at the NCAA level after winning the award. With Zain ...

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Review Problems are Symptomatic of a Larger Issue

Bo Jordan/Mark Hall

Photo By John Sachs, Since the NCAA Division I tournament ended, video review has been a hot topic in the wrestling community. Calls for greater transparency in the process, allowing fans to see what the officials see, and having someone other than the referee who made the call perform the review all have merit, but this is symptomatic of ...

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NCAA D1 Allocation Mistakes Raise Questions About the Process

The qualification process for the NCAA Wrestling Division I championships is, at once, both extremely complex and as simple as can be. On the one hand, if you win your conference championship, you’re in, no questions asked. In addition, once a wrestler gets to their conference tournament, they will know exactly what place they must finish to earn a trip ...

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Comparing Stats: Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic Vs. D1 Finals


This month we have seen some outstanding wrestling including the NCAA Division I finals and the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic (PWC), formerly the Dapper Dan, in the past two weeks. Our friends over at scored both with their Takedown App and provided us with the scoring data. Today we’ll go through that data to see what looks the same and ...

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TOM’s 2017 NCAA Wrestling Division I All-Freshman Team

2017 All-Freshman Team

With the 2016-17 season in the books, it is award season for college wrestling. Our annual awards, the Tommies, are coming soon, but before we get to that we’re rolling out our 2017 NCAA Wrestling Division I All-Freshman Team. Congratulations to these 30 wrestlers on a fine start to their college careers. All freshmen who were not redshirting were eligible ...

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The Eight Remaining Unsigned Seniors in the National HS Rankings

Jarod Verkleeren - Hempfield

With the next signing period opening up on April 12th most of the nationally ranked wrestling recruits in the class of 2017 are spoken for. However, here are the eight that have not yet committed, including one who is ranked second at his weight and just recently went back on the market. As always, if a commitment is missing, please ...

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Pin and Tech Fall Rates at Nationals Over the Years


With the introduction of the four-point nearfall last season, we saw a rise in tech falls at the NCAA tournament, with 25 being earned compared to just 10 in 2015. This year, we saw another bump in tech falls with an all-time record 33 being earned in the 2017 Division I tournament. This broke the previous record of 28 which ...

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The Five Biggest Questions Heading into College Wrestling’s Off-Season

5 Questions

The off-season is here and, as always, there are plenty of questions that need to be answered before college wrestling returns in the fall. While new questions are sure to crop up, Oklahoma changed coaches in August last year remember, these are the five most interesting we’re watching right now. 1) Will the recruiting merry go round ever stop spinning? ...

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The Best and Worst Team Performances, Compared to Seed, at NCAAs

NCAA Trophies

Every year at the NCAA tournament some teams overachieve while others simply don't live up to their potential. Long before the latest edition of March Matness, we broke down how the top-10 teams in the rankings at the time had performed over the years on the college wrestling's biggest stage. In that spirit, we can now look at which teams ...

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