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TOM National Individual High School Wrestling Rankings 5-13-10

This week, there were a few state tournaments in the international styles, including Iowa Cadets, Indiana Juniors, both classes in New York, and the Western Junior Regional. Many kids are starting to show a rise in weights, so there is a great deal of movement in the rankings.

At this time of year, weight is intriguing as it pertains to rankings. We’ll do our best to identify what weight an individual is at, and use Fargo as our final benchmark.

Also, because results are less frequent, we’ll leave the wrestler’s most recent performance listed as their credential until they compete again.

It’s a hectic time of year, with results less accessible and weights constantly fluctuating. So, feel free to write in and drop us some knowledge.

Again, we know we are far from perfect, but we do our best to stay on top of things, there are a lot of wrestlers across the nation. If you feel we are overlooking someone or are unaware of them, please send us a bio and a RESPECTFUL note as to why they should be ranked. This does not mean we will rank them, but it will give us info to follow that wrestler. You can send info to rankings@theopenmat.com

Expect our Top Prospect Rankings (for Juniors) in the next month, with an update shortly after Fargo.

103—No Changes

1. Fr. Anthony Ashnault, South Plainfield, NJ

2. So. Nicky Roberts, North Star, PA

3. So. Cody Phillips, Union County, IN

4. Fr. Brad Perkins, Oak Park, MO

5. Fr. Dean Heil, St. Edwards, OH

6. So. Morgan Engbrecht, Sturgis, SD

7. Fr. Zain Retherford, Line Mountain, PA

8. So. Zach Bridson, Timberlane, NH

9. So. Will Mason, Cape Henry, VA

10. Fr. Connor Schram, Canon-Mac, PA

11. So. Ryan Taylor, Saint Paris, OH

12. Fr. Nathan Tomasello, CVCA, OH

13. Jr. Ruben Navejas, Kentwood, WA
*Won State JR Greco Title

14. Jr. Kevon Powell, Montini, IL

15. Fr. Micah Perez, Central Union, CA

16. Fr. Darian Cruz, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

17. So. Drew Ferguson, Collins Hill, GA

18. Fr. Jacob Schmitt, St. John’s, MI

19. Fr. Victor Lopez, Poway, CA
*Won CA Cadet State Tourney

20. Fr. Dalton Brady, Queens Creek, AZ

112—NHSCA Jr. Champ McCormick moves up to 119. Indiana State Champ Paul Petrov debuts at #18. Galvadon moved down to 112 for Western JRs.

1. Jr. Evan Silver, Blair Academy, NJ

2. So. Jimmy Gulibon, Derry, PA

3. Jr. Bricker Dixon, Park Hill, MO

4. So. Freddie Rodriguez, Holt, MI

5. So. Cory Clark, South Polk, IA

6. Jr. Caleb Richardson, Cox, VA

7. Jr. Nick Francavilla, High Point, NJ

8. So. Dom Malone, Wyoming Seminary, PA

9. So. Mitch Bengston, St. Cloud, MN

10. Jr. Nigel McNeil, Huntington, NY

11. Jr. Nashon Garrett, Chico, CA

12. So. Tyler Pendergast, St. Mark’s, DE

13. Jr. Derek Elmore, McChesney Park, IL

14. (8th Gr.) Jered Cortez, Marmion Academy, IL
*Won Cadet FS title

15. So. Sam Brancale, Eden Prairie, MN

16. Fr. Stephen Myers, Moeller, OH

17. So. Randy Cruz, Bethlehem Catholic, PA

18. So. Paul Petrov, Cedar Lake, IN

19. So. Kegan Galvadon, Fort Collins, CO
*Won state titles in 3 styles, including FS and GR last weekend. 1st in Western JR Greco. 3rd in FS.

20. So. Jarred Brooks, Warsaw, IN
*Won JR FS States

119—Josh Martinez comes down for Western JRs. Enter McCormick at #8.

1. Jr. Nico Megaludis, Franklin, PA

2. Jr. Mason Beckman, Reynolds, PA

3. Fr. Brandon Jeske, St. Christopher, VA

4. Jr. Hunter Steiber, Monroeville, OH

5. Jr. Nick Brascetta, St. Paris Graham, OH

6. So. Alex Cisneros, Selma, CA

7. Jr. Jade Rauser, Townsend, MT

8. Jr. Sean McCormick, Johnson City, NY
*Won JR Double State titles

9. So. Alex Shaffer, Hunterdon Central, NJ

10. (8th Gr.) Jack Clark, Washington, NJ (McDonogh HS)

11. So. Thomas Gilman, Omaha, NE

12. So. Kyle Garcia, Choctaw, OK

13. (8th Gr.) Bryce Brill, Marmion Academy, IL
*Won IL Cadets with all falls

14. So. Dakota Trom, Apple Valley, MN

15. Jr. Conor Youtsey, Mason, MI

16. So. Corey Keener, Blue Mountain, PA

17. Jr. Josh Martinez, Pine Creek, CO
*Won State JR FS and GR. Western JR FS Runner-Up, GR 3rd.

18. Jr. Joe Orecchio, Don Bosco Prep, NJ

19. So. Eric Devos, Waverly-Shell Rock, IA

20. So. Nathan Kraisser, Ellicott City, MD

125—With Josh Martinez dropping, everyone moves up a spot. Illinois Gosinki moves in.

1. Jr. Jesse Thielke, Germantown, WI

2. Jr. Zach Horan, Nazareth, PA

3. So. Mark Grey, Blair Academy, NJ

4. Jr. Johnni Di Julius, Walsh Jesuit, OH

5. Jr. Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley, MN

6. Jr. Vince Rodriguez, Clovis North, CA

7. So. Kevin Norstrem, Brandon, FL

8. Fr. Ben Whitford, Marmion Academy, IL

9. So. Kagan Squire, Wadsworth, OH
*Won NE Regionals @ Brockport

10. Jr. Val Rauser, Townsend, MT
*Won Western JR Double Titles.

11. So. John Meeks, Des Moines, IA

12. So. Jeff Ott, Belmont Hill, MA

13. Jr. Cody Brewer, Oak Park, MO

14. So. Alec Mooradian, Detroit Central Catholic, MI

15. So. Eddie Klimara, Providence, IL
*Won Junior FS States.

16. Jr. Chris Mecate, Redlands, CA

17. Fr. Joey Lavalle, Reno, NV

18. Jr. Alex Manley, Baylor, TN

19. Jr. Ethan Raley, Indian Creek, IN

20. Jr. Joey Gosinki, Flenbard North, IL

130 – Former #5 Sorenson moves up to 135.

1. Jr. Nik Pena, Selma, CA

2. Fr. Bo Jordan, St. Paris, OH

3. Jr. Terrel Wilbourn, Howell, MO

4. Jr. Bob Dierna, Wayne, NY

5. So. Natrelle Demison, Bakersfield, CA
*Had 7 pins in 9 matches at Cadet States.

6. So. Rossi Bruno, Brandon, FL
*Won FL state FS

7. Jr. Fabian Garcia, Turlock, CA

8. Jr. Steven Knoblauch, Clovis West, CA

9. Jr. Joe Rendina, Dundee, MI

10. Jr. Chad Ryan, Sioux City North, IA

11. Jr. Jameson Oster, Lockport, IL

12. So. Tyler Goodwin, Arundel, MD

13. So. Brent Fickel, Padua, OH

14. So. Daniel DeShazer, Wichita Heights, KS

15. Jr. Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central, MN

16. Jr. Jordan Rinken, Waverly, IA

17. So. Devon Jackson, Yorktown, IN

18. Jr. Nick Catalano, Canon-McMillan, PA

19. So. Tony DeAngelo, Southern Alamance, NC

20. So. Alex Kocer, Wagner, SD

135—Probably the deepest weight going right now. Sorenson moves up and in at #7.

1. So. Jason Tsirtsis, Crown Point, IN

2. So. Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley, MN

3. Jr. Nick Hodgkins, Wyomissing, PA

4. So. Steve Spearman, Erie McDowell, PA

5. So. Isaac Jordan, Saint Paris-Graham, OH

6. So. Nate Skonieczny, Walsh Jesuit, OH

7. Fr. Brandon Sorenson, Denver-Tripoli, IA
*Won Cadet Double State Titles

8. Jr. Bo Schlosser, Bettendorf, IA

9. Jr. Travis Shaffer, Derry, PA

10. Jr. Jake Sueflohn, Watertown, WI

11. Jr. David Ferry, Central Catholic, CA

12. Jr. Cody Broomall, Smyrna, DE

13. Jr. Caleb Ervin, Union County, KY

14. Jr. Luke Frey, Montoursville, PA

15. So. Joey Davis, Sante Fe, CA

16. So. Quinton Murphy, Holley, NY

17. Fr. Jake Short, Simley, MN

18. So. Tyler Liberatore, Brandon, FL

19. Jr. Luke Smith, Wheeling, IL

20. Jr. Zach Tanenbaum, Blue Valley, KS
*Won State Triple Crown (Folk/FS/GR)

140— Cooper makes a jump up from #7 after beating Tessari (Former #2) at Fila Jr’s. Himmelman comes down to this weight and doubles up at Western Regionals.

1. So. Felipe Martinez, St. Paris Graham, OH

2. Jr. Blake Roulo, Matoaca, VA

3. Jr. Austin Ormsbee, Blair Academy, NJ

4. Jr. Edwin Cooper, Providence, IL
*Won IL State FS Title. Placed 4th at Fila Jr’s.

5. Jr. Cam Tessari, Monroeville, OH

6. Jr. Evan Henderson, Kiski Prep, PA

7. Jr. Alex Dierenger, Port Washington, WI

8. Jr. Travis Himmelman, Conifer, CO
*Won double title at CO State tourney. Won Western JR Double Titles.

9. Jr. Lorenzo Thomas, Pittsburgh Central Catholic, PA

10. Jr. Nathan Zarate, Selma, CA

11. Jr. Elijah Sullivan, Lewis Central, IA

11. So. Brian Brill, Central Mountain, PA

12. Jr. Joe Schumacher, Bismark, ND
*State Triple Crown Winner

13. Jr. Roger Wildmo, Durand, MI

14. Jr. Lex Ozias, Southern Garrett, MD

15. Jr. Henry Carlson, Vestavia Hills, AL

16. Fr. Isaiah Martinez, Lemoore, CA

17. So. Eleazer Deluca, Phoenix, OR

18. So. Blake Kastl, Gilroy, CA

19. Jr. Casey George, Lewiston, ID
*2nd and 3rd at Western JRs. Only to losses to #8 Himmelman.

20. Fr. Jake Marlin, Creston, IA
*Won Cadet FS state title

145—Moreno and Crawford both move up and win Cadet FS State Titles.

1. So. Zach Brunson, Churchill, OR

2. Jr. Jeromy Davenport, Sallisaw, OK

3. So. Max Schneider, Lane Tech, IL

4. Jr. Eric Roach, Crown Point, IN

5. So. Jordan Wohlfert, St. John’s MI

6. Jr. Devin Aguirre, Ponca City, OK

7. Jr. Cody Combs, Sussex, DE

8. Jr. Ryne Cokeley, Lenexa, KS

9. Jr. Colby Kloetzer, Caldwell, ID

10. So. Chris Nevinger, Letchworth, NY

11. Fr. Coleman Hammond, Bakersfield, CA

12. Jr. Cody Caldwell, Waverly Shell-Rock, IA

13. Jr. Matt Stephens, St. Paris, OH

14. Jr. Ryan Krecker, Nazareth, PA

15. Jr. Mike Ottinger, Parkland

16. So. Gabe Moreno, Urbandale, IA
*Won Cadet FS States

17. So. Jacob Crawford, Robinson, VA
*Won Cadet FS States

18. So. Zak Benitz, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

19. Jr. Dan Dick, Simley, MN

20. Jr. Stephen Robertson, Montini, IL

152—Former Fargo GR Champ DeBerry back in the rankings after impressive showing in Utah.

1. Jr. Destin McCauley, Apple Valley, MN

2. So. Taylor Massa, St. John’s, MI

3. So. Jason Luster, Kiski Prep, PA

4. So. Justin Koethe, Iowa City, IA

5. Jr. Joey Kielbasa, Crystal Lake, IL
*Won IL State FS

6. Jr. Chris Castillo, Zillah, WA

7. Jr. Jarrett Jensen, RC Stevens, SD

8. Jr. Kory DeBerry, Sunnyside, AZ
*1st in Free, 2nd in Greco at Western JRs.

9. Fr. Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi, PA

10. Jr. Bobbie Burg, Mercersburg Academy, PA

8. Jr. David Wesley, St. Christopher’s, VA

12. Jr. Tanner Weatherman, Ballard, IA

13. Jr. Ethan Orr, High Point, New Jersey

14. (8th Gr.) Chance Marstellar, Kennard-Dale, PA

15. Fr. Oliver Pierce, Allen, TX

16. So. Jim Wilson, McNair, CA

17. Jr. Issiah Meade, Ceasar Rodney, DE

18. Jr. Pete Baldwin, Osceola, FL
*Won FL State FS Championship over Clark Glass/Gabe Bird

19. Jr. Logan Addis, Mingus, AZ

20. Jr. Rich Eva, Christiansburg, VA

160-–No Change.
1. Jr. Bryce Hammond, Bakersfield, CA

2. Jr. Steve Keogh, Apple Valley, MN

3. Jr. Jordan Thomas, Greenville, MI

4. So. Jordan Rodgers, Mead, WA

5. Jr. John Guzzo, High Point, NJ

6. Jr. Dylan Reel, Washington, IL
*Won JR FS Title in IL

7. Jr. Bubba Scheffel, Southern Garrett, MD

8. Jr. Ian Miller, Oak Harbor, OH
*Won Brockport beating Green in pool action.

9. Jr. James Green, Willingboro, NJ
*Wrestled, surprisingly, up at 160 for Brockport.

10. So. Nikko Reyes, Clovis, CA

11. Jr. Kyle Ryan, St. Paris, OH

12. Jr. Mark Havers, Bradford, PA

13. Jr. Seth Thomas, Roseburg, OR

14. Jr. Zach Skates, Broken Arrow, OK

15. Jr. Cody Walters, Chanel, OH

16. Jr. Wally Figaro, Brandon, FL

17. So. James Jude, Johnson Central, KY

18. So. Jay Matheus, Sussex Central, DE

19. Jr. Mathew Miller, John Carroll, MD

20. So. McCoy Newburg, Independence, TN

171—Very Deep Weight. No Changes this week. But watch out for Nathan Burak, CO (yes, brother to the UPenn Buraks). He was injured prior to the state tournament. Competing for the first time since injury, Nathan won Double Titles at Western JRs.

1. Jr. Chris Phillips, Monroeville, OH

2. Jr. Kenny Courts, Central Dauphin, PA

3. Jr. Logan Storley, Webster, SD

4. Jr. Jahwon Akui, St. Rita’s, IL
*State JR FS Champ

5. Jr. Jake Waste, Apple Valley, MN

6. So. Sam Brooks, Oak Park, IL
*Moves up from 160 and wins Cadet FS states.

7. Jr. Alex Utley, CVCA, OH

8. So. Zach Nevills, Clovis, CA

9. Jr. Drake Stein, Princeton, IN

10. Jr. Justin Lozano, Selma, CA

11. Jr. Kris Klapprodt, Stevens City, SD,

12. So. Huston Evans, St Paris Graham, OH

13. Jr. Nate Brown, Lewisburg, PA

14. So. Devin Peterson, Wisconsin-Rapids, WI

15. So. Brandon Griffin, Sprague, OR

16. Jr. Patrick Downey, North County, MD

17. So. Kyle Crutchmer, Tulsa, OK

18. So. Kyle Koziel, Brandon, FL

19. So. John Bolich, Upper Moreland, PA

20. So. Roland Dunlap, Muskego, WI

189. —A new #20 as Riley Argyle impressed at Western Regionals. The rest remains status quo.

1. Jr. Andrew Campolattano, Bound Brook, NJ

2. Jr. Morgan McIntosh, Calvary Chapel, CA

3. Jr. Curtis Berger, Hermiston, OR

4. Jr. Austin Marsden, Crystal Lake, IL
*Won state FS title with a TF in the finals

5. So. Michael Kroells, Scott West, MN

6. Jr. Tanner Hall, Meridian, ID

7. Jr. Luke Sheridan, De La Salle, CA

8. Fr. Mitch Sliga, Fishers, IN
*Won Cadet FS States with all (7) falls. Won JR FS States with win over #9 (171) Stein.

9. Jr. Michael Kennedy, Blackmon, TN

10. Jr. Mike Mauk, St. Marks, DE

11. Jr. Wes Cathcart, Geneseo, IL

12. Jr. Nick Kidd, Mt. Herman, MA

13. Jr. Clint Wilson, Sturgis, SD

14. Jr. Josh DaSilviera, Barron Collier, FL

15. Jr. Phil Sprenkel, Dallastown, PA

16. Jr. Mike Ettore, Brandon, FL

17. So. Marcese Dixon, Choctaw, OK

18. Jr. John Staudenmayer, Plymouth-Whitemarsh, PA

19. So. Ian Korb, Cincinnati, OH

20. So. Dwight Howes, Arvada, CO

20. So. Riley Argyle, Jerome, ID
*Double Cadet State Champ. 1st at Western JR FS, 3rd in GR.

215—Joe Scanlan comes in at our new #15 after dropping from HWT to win a Cadet FS state title.

1. Jr. Conner Medbery, Loveland, CO

2. Jr. Tank Knowles, Calvary Chapel, CA

3. Jr. Cody Krumwiede, Waverly, IA

4. Jr. Harrison Honeycutt, Lake Norman, NC

5. Jr. Nick Gwiazdowski, Duanesburg, NY
*Won JR FS States

6. So. Nick Tavenello, Wadsworth, OH

7. So. Gage Harrah, Crystal Lake, IL
*Won 3-period FS state final over Sojka.

8. Jr. Mike Sojka, Winnebago, IL

9. Jr. Zach Nye, East Pennsboro, PA

10. Jr. Joe Stolfi, Souderton, PA

11. Jr. Patrick Gillen, Shelton, CT

12. Jr. Jay Taylor, Oviedo, FL

13. Fr. Adam Coon, Fowlerville, MI

14. Jr. Blake Bean, Stillwater, OK

15. So. Joe Scanlan, Johnston, IA

16. So. Eric Laytos, Lackawanna Trail, PA

17. Jr. Anthony Wise, Massilon-Perry, OH

18. Jr. Kyle Rose, Centerville, OH

19. Jr. Luke Miller, Libertyville, IL

20. Jr. Aaron Stevenson, Indian Creek, IN

HWT—A little housecleaning here. Overlooked in prior weeks was NJ state runner-up, Jack Delia, who lost only one match all season-to 3x NJ State Champion Jimmy Lawson. Rizzo moves up from #20 after close 3-period loss to #2 Black. Rizzo became PA’s youngest HWT state champion in history this March.

1. Jr. Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake, MN

2. Fr. Brooks Black, Blair Academy, NJ
*1st in GR, 3rd in FS at NE Regionals. Undefeated at Blue Mtn. FS Duals.

3. Jr. Austin Blythe, Williamsburg, IA

4. Jr. Jack Allen, Hinsdale, IL

5. So. Gavin Andrews, Granite Bay, CA

6. Jr. Terrence Jean-Jacques, Haverhill, MA

7. So. Greg Kuhar, St. Edwards, OH

8. Jr. Devin Pommeranke, Rogers City, MI
*Won NE Regional FS with 3set win over #2 Black.

9. Evan Knutson, Wasau, WI

10. Jr. Jack Delia, North Hunterdon, NJ

11. So. Doug Mayes, Massilon-Perry, OH

12. Jr. Zach Corl, Central Mountain, PA

13. Jr. Curt Fuller, Lincoln Rapids, WI

14. So. John Rizzo, Richland, PA
*Lost 3 set bout to #2 Black at Blue MTN. Duals.

15. Jr. Emiliano Betancor, West Orange, NJ

16. Jr. Orry Elor, College Park, CA

17. Jr. Jacob Aiken-Phillips, Central Gwinnett, GA

18. Jr. Ross Burbank, Cox, VA

19. Jr. Tyler Swope, Assumption, IA

20. So. Doug Vallaro, Oviedo, FL

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