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Billy Ashnault 7 Minutes with TOM (Adam Frey Special)

These are quick hit “7 minutes” with some of the athletes participating in this years event.

Ashnault who just finished his second season at Rutgers and back to back trips to Nationals is excited about being part of this years event.

TOM: Are you excited for your match at the Adam Frey Classic?

BA: Yes, its a great opportunity to help a great cause.

TOM: What does it mean to you to be part of this exciting event?

BA: I feel honored to be part of the benefit.

TOM: For many fans this is somewhat of a dream match up, if you could pick any wrestler from any era, who would, you want to wrestle?

BA: John Leonardis

TOM: Tell us something about yourself that most people would not know?

BA: I like to play golf

TOM: What is your most memorable wrestling moment and why?

BA: Wrestling Virginia last year

TOM: Off the top of your head who wins the NCAA Team title next year and why?

BA: Rutgers, because no ones a believer!

TOM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

BA: Employed as an Athletic Director

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