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TOM Duals of the Week November 8-14, 2010

Well with the season underway each week we plan on focusing on one or more duals that we are interested in. We are not saying that all duals are not interesting; just some we find more interest in.

The second week of the season brings us some pretty good match ups. After this weekend the rankings should become a little easier as we see more guys in action and some top 20 guys will be battling it out.

We will give a breakdown on two duals this week, Oregon State vs. Boise State and Penn State vs. Lehigh.

Other duals you may want to keep an eye on include

  • Pittsburgh vs. Lehigh – Friday November 12, 2010
  • Illinois vs. Missouri – Friday November 12, 2010
  • Kent State vs. Virginia Tech – Saturday November 13, 2010

#14 Oregon State vs. #4 Boise State
(Line ups are based on projected line-ups submitted to TOM for the conference preview, line ups may change)

Projected Line-up

  • 125: #12 Jason Lara vs. Alan Bartelli
  • 133: #13 Kelly Kubec vs. #2 Andrew Hochstrasser
  • 141: #10 Michael Mangrum vs. #13 Levi Jones
  • 149: Scott Sakaguch vs. #6 Jason Chamberlain
  • 157: RJ Pena vs. #1 Adam Hall
  • 165: Jon Brascetta vs. Kurt Swartz
  • 174: #9 Colby Covington vs. Brock Gutches
  • 184: Ty Vinson vs. #1 Kirk Smith
  • 197: Chad Hanke vs. Matt Casperson
  • Hwt: #12 Clayton Jack vs. Toby Erickson

Well in a very early battle between the two teams expected to contend for the PAC 10 Title this year we are in for a good night as fans.

On paper we see it as a tight one with Oregon State being favored at 125, 141, 174, Hwt and Boise State Favored at 133, 149, 157,184 with 165 and 197 listed as toss ups. So, on the surface this has the makings of a nail biter.

The Match-up
Bonus points will play a huge factor in this one.

  • 125: We see a close decision in favor of Lara. Lara will be looking to put up some big points in a match where they are the favorite.
  • 133: We may get to see the return of Hochstrasser in an early season test against Kubec, who is also nationally ranked. Kubec needs to avoid a major or look for an upset.
  • 141: This should be a close one against two guys who are pretty close in the rankings. Oregon State needs to win this one and this match should be considered a “key” for them to win this dual.
  • 149: We are projecting Sakaguch here, but you could easily see someone else. Whoever gets the nod will be looking to knock off Chamberlain or at least keep this one close.
  • 157: Be it Pena or someone else, Oregon State needs to keep this one to a Major or better against #1 Hall.
  • 165: This is a swing match in our opinion. Neither team has a clear favorite and will be fighting hard to grab these points.
  • 174: Oregon State sends out top 10 wrestler Covington to look for bonus points of his own. We will know more about where Gutches is at after this one.
  • 184: Another weight where the Beavers have to try and limit the damage against #1 Smith.
  • 197: Swing match number two here. We would give Hanke the nod as a slight Favorite. We do believe that for Oregon State to win this one, they will have to win here and at 165.
  • Hwt: This should be a win for the Beavers with #12 Jack, we expect Jack to try and add bonus points in this one.

TOM’s Prediction

Boise State 18
Oregon State 16

#23 Lehigh vs. #9 Penn State
(Line ups are based on projected line-ups submitted to TOM for the conference preview, line ups may change)

Projected Line-up

  • 125: Mitch Berger vs. Frank Martellotti 0-3
  • 133: Frank Cagnina vs. Bryan Pearsall or Sam Sherlock 3-3
  • 141: Stephen Dutton vs. Andrew Alton or Adam Lynch 3-6
  • 149: Joey Napoli vs. James English or #3 Frank Molinaro 3-9
  • 157: Sean Bilodeau vs. #8 David Taylor 3-13
  • 165: #12 Brandon Hatchett vs. Jake Kemerer 6-13
  • 174: #19 Austin Meys vs. #16 Ed Ruth 6-16
  • 184: #14 Robert Hamlin vs. #4 Quentin Wright 6-19
  • 197: #19 Joe Kennedy vs. Justin Ortega or Nick Ruggear 9-19
  • Hwt: #1 Zach Rey vs. #8 Cameron Wade 12-19

We move from the west to the east for another early season match-up between two ranked teams. Many are interested to see where Penn State is at and if they will be a national power this year. They are missing two key pieces in Pataky and Molinaro. Although Penn State is listing Molinaro as a possible starter for this tilt.

Lehigh comes in with 5 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 and are looking to show that they belong in conversations about programs on the rise. This should be a pretty exciting one.

On paper we see Lehigh favored at 165, 197 and Heavy. While Penn State is favored at 157, 174 and 184. That gives each team the nod at three weights and four more up for grabs. If PSU had the two guys referenced above then this may be a bit different.

The Match-up

  • 125: The first toss up of the night. Should be an interesting battle between a freshman and a senior. We are leaning towards Martellotti.
  • 133: Cagnina is a pretty tough guy and PSU will counter with two guys at about the same level of one another. It will be a tough match for both sides and may be a key in who ends up winning this dual.
  • 141: Yet another swing match. Dutton will face either Lynch or A. Alton. No matter which one wrestles Dutton will have a match on his hands.
  • 149: Interesting that Molinaro may be close to a return as he was listed by the school as a possible starter for the dual. Expect to maybe see him if he is needed. So depending on where this dual starts and what the score is we may or may not see him.
  • 157: Many have been waiting for the debut of Taylor and we expect him to meet expectations.
  • 165: Hatchett will get a chance to justify his high ranking as he will face one very tough freshman who we have on our bubble for the rankings. Do not be surprised to see this be much closer then some may think.
  • 174: Maybe the biggest match-up of the night is Meys vs. Ruth. Two young guys with very high expectations will battle it out in this one. We are very much looking forward to this match.
  • 184: Another battle between two ranked wrestlers will take place in this one. PSU fans are excited to see Wright back on the mat, but Hamlin is hoping to spoil the party.
  • 197: Kennedy is the favorite in this one. PSU is still not sure who he will face, but news is that the staff has been very impressed with Ruggear so we would not be surprised if he gets the nod here.
  • Hwt: Battle of the big men in this match. Rey is #1 in the land and looking to keep it that way. Wade has improved every year and is looking to get things started on the right foot by knocking off the top man.

TOM’s Prediction

Lehigh 12
Penn State 19

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