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TOM’s 2011 Red Shirt and Non-Starter Rankings

With the National Collegiate Open around the corner we decided we wanted to do an unofficial red shirt and non-starter top ten ranking.

We tried to be as accurate as possible based on the information have and could find. We in no way are trying to slight any wrestlers not ranked. If we have missed some individuals please send us information at ranking@theopenmat.com. We do plan on making an update in about four weeks. Also, we avoided guys who have been splitting time and or where we did not think a clear starter has been established.

Why did we do this? First, because we thought it would be interesting. Second, we wanted to get a snap shot of the future. Many of these wrestlers could become All-Americans and possibly National Champions. It also gives us some insight as to where programs may be in a year or two. As we stated, some data is hard to come by so take these with a grain of salt please.


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Levi Wolfensperger Fr Northern Iowa
2 Ryak Finch Fr Iowa State
3 Eric Dunnet Fr Old Dominion
4 Pat Rollins Fr Oregon State
5 Steve Mitcheff So Kent State
6 Jesse Delgado Fr Cal Poly
7 Kory Mines Fr Edinboro
8 Jenkins Monzey Fr Maryland
9 Greg Rinkens Fr Air Force
10 Ty Mitch Fr Virginia Tech

Honorable Mention
Colby Christensen Fr Utah Valley
Nate Morgan Fr Penn State
Zachary Zimmer Fr Indiana
Eric Caschera Jr Penn State


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Nate Moore So Iowa
2 Mitchell Port Fr Edinboro
3 Aaron Schopp Fr Edinboro
4 Kelly kubec Jr Oregon State
5 Drew Lexvold Fr Minnesota
6 Bryan Pearsall Fr Penn State
7 Tyler Clark Sr Iowa
8 Frank Goodwin Fr Maryland
9 Samuel Sherlock So Penn State
10 Brock Livorio Jr North Carolina
Honorable Mention
Bart Reiter Fr Minnesota
JJ Krutsinger Jr Iowa
Nicholas Schenk Fr Oklahoma State
Alex Ekstrom So Oklahoma
Derek Malan Fr Utah Valley
Acton Pifer Fr Appalachian State
Laddie Rupp Fr Oklahoma State
Stefan St.Marie Fr Boise State
Ben Matthiesen Fr Central Michigan
Evan Kolb Sr Lock Haven
Patrick McCaffrey Jr Navy
Justin LaValle So Old Dominion
Thane Antczak So Minnesota


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Luke Silver Jr Oklahoma State
2 Nick Dardanes Fr Minnesota
3 Adam Lynch Sr Penn State
4 Mark Hartenstine Fr Maryland
5 Seth Lange Fr Minnesota
6 Ryen Nieman Fr Indiana
7 Colin Shober Fr Northwestern
8 Kendric Maple So Oklahoma
9 Donnie Watkins Fr Michigan
10 Jordan Beverly Fr Rutgers
Honorable Mention
Julian Feikert Fr Oklahoma State
Cody Farinella So Missouri
Simon Kitzis Fr Missouri
Michael Nevinger Fr Cornell
Jordan Beverly Fr Rutgers
Tyler Bedelyon Fr Clarion
Joey Lazor Fr Northern Iowa
Michael Hamel Fr Wyoming


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Dylan Ness Fr Minnesota
2 Seth Vernon Jr Oklahoma
3 James English Fr Penn State
4 Anthony Salupo Fr Lehigh
5 Dylan Alton Fr Penn State
6 William Ashnault Sr Rutgers
7 Bradley Squire Fr Ohio
8 Joseph Cozart Fr Iowa State
9 Mike Hillock Fr Michigan
10 Brandon Richardson Fr Wyoming
Honorable Mention
Geoffrey Doss So Cal Poly
Dalton Kelly Fr Cal State Bakersfield
Jeret Chiri So Iowa
Josh Micek Fr Buffalo
David Habat Fr Edinboro
Kyle Rosser So Lehigh
Cameron Hurd So Virginia Tech
Taylor Walsh Fr Indiana


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Nick Moore Fr Iowa
2 Mike Kelly Fr Iowa
3 RJ Pena So Oregon State
4 James Vollrath Fr Penn State
5 Jesse Shanaman Fr Cornell
6 Nicholas Visicaro Fr Rutgers
7 Stephen Swan Fr Oklahoma State
8 Austin Swerdfeger Fr Cal Poly
9 Troy Lamson Fr Michigan State
10 Jesse Stafford Fr Air Force
Honorable Mention
Domenic Derobertis So Maryland
Drake Houdashelt Fr Missouri
Bryce Busler So Bloomsburg
Taylor Knapp So Virginia Tech
Dan Waddell So Chattanooga
Pierce Harger Fr Northwestern


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Robert Kokesh Fr Nebraska
2 Dirk Cowburn Fr Penn State
3 Kurtis Julson Fr North Dakota State
4 Nicholas Sulzer Fr Virginia
5 Michael Moreno Fr Iowa State
6 Matthew Laird Fr Edinboro
7 Marshall Peppelman Fr Cornell
8 Frank Cousins Jr. Fr Wisconsin
9 Phillip Perry Fr Missouri
10 Walter Gillmor Fr Iowa
Honorable Mention
Jordan Gagliano Fr Missouri


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Christopher McNeil Jr Oklahoma State
2 Michael Evans Fr Iowa
3 Dominic Kastl Fr Cal Poly
4 Zach White Fr Oklahoma State
5 Greg Zannetti Jr Rutgers
6 Todd Porter So Missouri
7 Robert DeSano Jr West Virginia
8 Monte Shmaulhaus So Utah Valley
9 Devin Hightower Fr Air Force
10 Brendan Ard Fr Rutgers


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Kyven Gadson Fr Iowa State
2 Kadeem Samuels Jr Lehigh
3 James Nakashima Jr Nebraska
4 Kevin Bailey So Lehigh
5 Spencer Johnson Fr Nebraska
6 Leroy Munster Fr Northwestern
7 Mac Mancuso So West Virginia
8 Timothy McCall Fr Wisconsin
9 Joel Bauman Fr Minnesota
10 Vinnie Wagner Jr Iowa
Honorable Mention
Tommy Thoman Fr Wyoming
Taylor Meeks Fr Oregon State


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Matthew Wilps Jr Pitt
2 Alex Polizzi Fr Northwestern
3 Clint Podish So Clarion
4 Matt Dwyer Fr Nebraska
5 Niko Brown So Chattanooga
6 Scott Schiller Fr Minnesota
7 Jackson Hein Fr Wisconsin
8 Joe Tymosuzuk Sr Kent State
9 Beau Wenger Fr Ohio
10 Bryce Kammerzell Fr Northern Colorado
Honorable Mention
Mak Jones Jr Oregon State


Rank Wrestler Grade School
1 Ben Berhow Sr Minnesota
2 Michael McMullan Fr Northwestern
3 Bobby Telford Fr Iowa
4 Matthew Gibson So Iowa State
5 Joe Bach So Oklahoma
6 Cole Tobin Fr Wisconsin
7 Jacob Kettler Fr Minnesota
8 Andy Hartshorn Jr Ohio
9 Carl Buchholz Fr Rutgers
10 Michael Horton So Edinboro
Others with solid records
Nicholas Perelli Fr West Virginia
Blake Herrin Fr American
Tyler Perry Jr Missouri

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