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Hawkeyes For Clark

Willie Saylor, Editor

Sports fans have short-term memories. They want to win. And last year never matters much. As such, the fans of the preeminent college wrestling program in America have been chomping at the bit.

Forget the numerous (recent) titles. Forget the fact that the Hawkeyes wrangled the #1 recruiting class for 2009-2010. Iowa loyalists want to win now, and keep up with the Oklahoma State’s and Penn State’s in the always rigorous recruiting wars.

Well Hawk fans, you have your first good news of the season. Cory Clark, a Southeast Polk, senior-to-be, had given Head Coach Tom Brands and staff a verbal confirmation.

Clark, who will be listed #4 on TOM’s list of Top Prospects at 125lbs next month, is a three-time, undefeated state champion in Iowa’s large-school division. Last month, he placed 3rd in Greco and 4th in Freestyle at Fargo, the nation’s toughest and deepest international styles competitions, at 119lbs. It was the second straight year that Clark earned double All-American honors.

As one of the top recruits in the country, Clark will have high expectations on him. His grinding brawling style is a perfect complement to Iowa’s system and tradition. And it’s safe to say the Hawkeyes view him as a potential replacement when current 2-time National Finalist and 2010 NCAA Champion, Matt McDonough, graduates.

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