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Journeymen/Asics Northeast Duals again fills the plates of wrestling fans nationwide

By Jason Bryant
Editor, Amateur Wrestling News

NOTE: This preview was written for the tournament program and due to deadline times, it does not reflect the most recent rankings. For the most current rankings, navigate the College menu above.

If you’ve been coming to the Journeymen/Asics Northeast Duals for the past few years, you know one thing has become pretty much a standing rule.

There is plenty more to feast on after Thanksgiving.

The 10th annual event right here at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y. has become one of the premier dual meet events in the nation and gives fans from the Capital Region and the surrounding areas a chance to see some of the best action Division I wrestling has to offer.

The 2012 version features five teams ranked in the Top 25 by the USA Today/NWCA/AWN Division I Coaches Poll and 47 ranked wrestlers from the 14 teams representing seven of the 10 Division I wrestling conferences.

The EIWA has the most representation with Army, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton and Rutgers all taking part. The Colonial Athletic Association has local favorites Binghamton, Drexel and Hofstra. The Big Ten is represented with Illinois and Purdue.

To put that in perspective, wrestlers on the mats before you represent almost a quarter of all the ranked Division I wrestlers in the country (at least according to Amateur Wrestling News’ November 7 rankings).

Individually, most of the country’s eyes will be on Cornell senior Kyle Dake, who will continue his quest to become just the third four-time NCAA Division I champion in history. What makes his run remarkable is Dake is trying to become the first wrestler to win four titles in four different weight classes. He’s already become the first wrestler to win three titles in three different weights – and he’s done all of this without a redshirt year. Dake will face two ranked wrestlers – Oklahoma’s Patrick “Bubby” Graham, ranked sixth, and Drexel’s Joe Booth, ranked 11th.

Dake leads the class of 17 All-Americans in the field, but he’s not the only three-time All-American in the mix. Central Michigan’s Ben Bennett will reach for his fourth NCAA medal in March. One of the day’s spotlight matchups will be Bennett facing returning NCAA champion Steve Bosak of Cornell at 184 pounds.

Bosak, along with Dake, are the only two returning NCAA champions at the Northeast Duals, but there are a total of seven multiple-time All-Americans in the field.

At 11:25, Mat 1 and Mat 2 will see ranked teams square off as No. 11 Oklahoma takes on No. 25 Hofstra and No. 7 Cornell faces No. 17 Central Michigan.
Between those two duals, ranked opponents will meet at 133, 149 and 184 pounds. Both duals have ranked wrestlers at 133. A full list of ranked matchups appears at the bottom of this story.

After intermission, the remaining duals between ranked teams will take to the mats as sixth-ranked Illinois faces Maryland on Mat 3, Hofstra faces Central Michigan on Mat 1 and Cornell will take on Oklahoma on Mat 2.

In all, wrestling fans will have a chance to see ranked individuals match up 26 times throughout the course of the day. Some of the highlight matchups will pair past All-Americans against one another.

In the Hofstra-Oklahoma dual, Justin Accordino of Hofstra took sixth at last year’s NCAA championships at 149 pounds after coming in unseeded. He’ll face Oklahoma’s Nick Lester, who also placed eighth as an unseeded wrestler last year. The two met in the quarterfinals with Accordino scoring an 11-3 major decision. Accordino will have a busy day, as he’ll also see Purdue’s Ivan Lopouchanski in a rematch of last year’s first round bout at 149 from St. Louis.

As mentioned earlier, Bosak and Bennett will tie up in the day’s second round. In the third round, Oklahoma’s Kendric Maple will face off with Cornell’s Mike Nevinger. Maple beat Nevinger 13-2 in last year’s second round at the NCAA Championships at 141 pounds. Maple finished fourth, while Nevinger scrapped back to place seventh.

Another big match to watch will see a pair of two-time All-Americans mix it up for the second time this season. Maryland’s Josh Asper, ranked second at 174 pounds, is fresh off an overtime win over third-ranked Jordan Blanton of Illinois at the NWCA All-Star Classic. They’ll meet again in round three on Mat 3.

See the breakdown below for who to follow at the 10th annual Journeymen/Brute Northeast Duals.

Team Rankings from Preseason USA Today/NWCA/AWN Division I Coaches Poll
Individual Rankings from Amateur Wrestling News’ November 7 Rankings

Ranked Matchups (Teams & Individual)
#25 Hofstra vs. #11 Oklahoma
133: #18 Jamie Franco (Hofstra) vs. #19 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)
149: #5 Justin Accordino (Hofstra) vs. #7 Nick Lester (Oklahoma)

#25 Hofstra vs. #17 Central Michigan
125: #4 Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) vs. #10 Joe Roth (Central Michigan)

#25 Hofstra vs. Purdue
125: #4 Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) vs. #19 Camden Eppert (Purdue)
133: #8 Cashe Quiroga (Purdue) vs. #18 Jamie Franco (Hofstra)
141: #5 Justin Accordino (Hofstra) vs. #15 Ivan Lopouchanski (Purdue)

#7 Cornell vs. # 17 Central Michigan
133: #3 Scotti Sentes (Central Michigan) vs. #12 Nick Arujau (Cornell)
184: #1 Steve Bosak (Cornell) vs. #3 Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)

#7 Cornell vs. #11 Oklahoma
133: #12 Nick Arujau (Cornell) vs. #19 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)
141: #1 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) vs. #5 Mike Nevinger (Cornell)
165: #1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. #6 Patrick Graham (Oklahoma)

#7 Cornell vs. Drexel
165: #1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. #11 Joe Booth (Drexel)

#17 Central Michigan vs. #11 Oklahoma
133: #3 Scotti Sentes (Central Michigan) vs. #19 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)

Purdue vs. Army
133: #8 Cashe Quiroga (Purdue) vs. #17 Jordan Thome (Army)

Purdue vs. #15 Maryland
125: #19 Camden Eppert (Purdue) vs. #20 Shane Gentry (Maryland)
133: #8 Cashe Quiroga (Purdue) vs. #14 Geoff Alexander (Maryland)
197: #12 Christian Boley (Maryland) vs. #16 Braden Atwood (Purdue)

#6 Illinois vs. #15 Maryland
125: #3 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) vs. #20 Shane Gentry (Maryland)
174: #2 Josh Asper (Maryland) vs. #3 Jordan Blanton (Illinois)

Rutgers vs. Army
174: #12 Greg Zannetti (Rutgers) vs. #20 Coleman Gracey (Army)

Rutgers vs. Columbia
157: #12 Jake O’Hara (Columbia) vs. #14 Scott Winston (Rutgers)

Purdue vs. Princeton
133: #8 Cashe Quiroga (Purdue) vs. #13 Garrett Frey (Princeton)

Drexel vs. Bloomsburg
197: #14 Richard Perry (Bloomsburg) vs. #18 Brandon Palik (Drexel)

Binghamton vs. Rutgers
184: #15 Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers) vs. #16 Cody Reed (Binghamton)

Binghamton vs. #6 Illinois
184: #9 Tony Dallago (Illinois) vs. #16 Cody Reed (Binghamton)
197: #8 Mario Gonzalez (Illinois) vs. #11 Nate Schiedel (Binghamton)

Individually Ranked Wrestlers
125 pounds (5)
#3 Jesse Delgado, Illinois
#4 Steve Bonanno, Hofstra
#10 Joe Roth, Central Michigan
#19 Camden Eppert, Purdue
#20 Shane Gentry, Maryland

133 pounds (8)
#3 Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan
#8 Cashe Quiroga, Purdue
#12 Nick Arujau, Cornell
#13 Garrett Frey, Princeton
#14 Geoff Alexander, Maryland
#17 Jordan Thome, Army
#18 Jamie Franco, Hofstra
#19 Cody Brewer, Oklahoma

141 pounds (4)
#1 Kendric Maple, Oklahoma
#5 Mike Nevinger, Cornell
#7 B.J. Futrell, Illinois
#10 Luke Vaith, Hofstra

149 pounds (6)
#2 Donnie Vinson, Binghamton
#5 Justin Accordino, Hofstra
#7 Nick Lester, Oklahoma
#14 Steve Santos, Columbia
#15 Ivan Lopouchanski, Purdue
#19 Shane Welch, Lehigh

157 pounds (4)
#6 Frank Hickman, Bloomsburg
#11 Matt Lester, Oklahoma
#12 Jake O’Hara, Columbia
#14 Scott Winston, Rutgers

165 pounds (4)
#1 Kyle Dake, Cornell
#5 Conrad Polz, Illinois
#6 Patrick Graham, Oklahoma
#11 Joe Booth, Drexel

174 pounds (5)
#2 Josh Asper, Maryland
#3 Jordan Blanton, Illinois
#12 Greg Zannetti, Rutgers
#16 Nate Brown, Lehigh
#20 Coleman Gracey, Army

184 pounds (6)
#1 Steve Bosak, Cornell
#5 Ben Bennett, Central Michigan
#9 Tony Dallago, Illinois
#10 Jimmy Sheptock, Maryland
#15 Dan Rinaldi, Rutgers
#16 Cody Reed, Binghamton

197 pounds (6)
#8 Mario Gonzalez, Illinois
#11 Nate Schiedel, Binghamton
#12 Christian Boley, Maryland
#14 Richard Perry, Bloomsburg
#16 Braden Atwood, Purdue
#18 Brandon Palik, Drexel

285 pounds (1)
#3 Jarod Trice, Central Michigan

NCAA Finalists (2)
Kyle Dake, Cornell (3x NCAA Champion)
Steve Bosak, Cornell (NCAA Champion)

Three-Time All-Americans (2)
Kyle Dake, Cornell (1-1-1)
Ben Bennett, Central Michigan (6-8-6)

Two-Time All-Americans (5)
Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan (4-DNP-7)
B.J. Futrell, Illinois (6-8-DNP)
Josh Asper, Maryland (6-6-DNP)
Jordan Blanton, Illinois (4-INJ-5-DNP)
Jarod Trice, Central Michigan (4-8-DNP)

125 pounds (2)
Jesse Delgado, Illinois – 7th Place (125) 2012
Steve Bonanno, Hofstra – 8th Place (125) 2012

133 pounds (2)
Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan – 4th Place (133) 2011, 7th Place (125) 2009;
Cashe Quiroga, Purdue – 6th Place (125) 2010

141 pounds (3)
Kendrick Maple, Oklahoma – 4th Place (141) 2012
B.J. Futrell, Illinois – 6th Place (133) 2012, 8th Place (133) 2011
Mike Nevinger, Cornell – 7th Place (141) 2012

149 pounds (3)
Donnie Vinson, Binghamton – 3rd Place (149) 2012
Justin Accordino, Hofstra – 6th Place (149) 2012
Nick Lester, Oklahoma – 8th Place (149) 2012

165 pounds (2)
Kyle Dake, Cornell – NCAA Champion (157) 2012; NCAA Champion (149) 2011; NCAA Champion (141) 2010
Conrad Polz, Illinois – 8th Place (165) 2012

174 pounds (2)
Josh Asper – 6th Place (165) 2012; 6th Place (165) 2011
Jordan Blanton – 4th Place (174) 2012; 5th Place (174) 2010

184 pounds (2)
Steve Bosak, Cornell – NCAA Champion (184) 2012; 4th Place (184) 2011
Ben Bennett, Central Michigan – 6th Place (184) 2012; 8th Place (174) 2011; 6th Place (174) 2010

285 pounds (1)
Jarod Trice, Central Michigan – 4th Place (285) 2011; 8th Place (285) 2010

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