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What is the Ultimate Wrestling Weekend?

Maybe you have seen the banners and twitter posts about the fundraiser TOM is doing for the Xtreme Couture Foundation and USA Wrestling, maybe you have not. Our staff wanted to take the time to explain why we are doing this, why we think it is important and what the ultimate wrestling weekend is all about.

The Ultimate Wrestling Weekend

This is the thank you for supporting such a great cause and supporting USA Wrestling. For every $5.00 a person donates they will be in the drawing to win this great weekend. The lucky winner will receive:

  • Hotel accommodations in Las Vegas for the 2017 US Open.
  • Two VIP tickets to the tournament.
  • You and your guest will have dinner with Randy one night as well as a full tour of his Xtreme Couture facility in Vegas.
  • In addition, you will have dinner with a USA wrestling legend as well.

All of this for a simple Donation.

Why are we doing this?

Simple, we want to support our troops. Randy’s foundation helps wounded veterans when they return stateside. The wrestling community has strong ties to the military community.  Many have served or at least have had a friend or family member serve. We also support USA Wrestling and their efforts to support our Olympic hopefuls.

Why Donate?

Forget about the awesome chance of winning the prize, help a Veteran and/or a future Olympian. Randy’s foundation is a smaller non-profit which means 100% of all proceeds they raise go directly into the hands of our wounded in action that need an extra boost in their time of need above what the government provides. Each year, Randy visits military hospitals and personally donates checks. We hope we can all follow his lead and contribute to a great cause.

How to donate

You can donate here:

Xtreme Couture Foundation/ USA Wrestling Fundraiser and Ultimate Wrestling Weekend!

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