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2017 NCAA Wrestling Division I Preview: 149 Pounds

2017 149

We’re breaking down every weight class at the 2017 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship set for next week in St. Louis.  We usually start our previews at 125, but this time around we thought we’d give the big fellas the first look and work our way down.  We’ll start with some facts for reference, break down who can win the weight, who will contend for All-American honors, how this weight will effect the team race, and end with a little analysis for those of you participating in fantasy wrestling contests.  If you missed 285, 197, 184, 174, 165, or 157 check them out as well. Enjoy and check back later for much more!


Conference Champions

ACC – Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech)

Big 10 – Zain Retherford (Penn State)

Big 12 – Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)

EIWA – Jordan Laster (Princeton)

EWL – Patricio Lugo (Edinboro)

MAC – Lavion Mayes (Missouri)

Pac-12 – Josh Maruca (Arizona State)

SoCon – Matt Zovistoski (Appalachian State)


Performance by Seed, Last 10 Years (13-16 seed started in 2014)

1: 9 AAs, 7 finalists, 5 champions

2: 6 AAs, 4 finalists, 1 champion

3: 7 AAs, 3 finalists, 1 champion

4: 8 AAs, 1 finalist, 1 champion

5: 9 AAs, 2 finalists, 2 champions

6: 6 AAs, 1 finalist

7: 4 AAs, 1 finalist

8: 4 AAs

9: 4 AAs

10: 5 AAs

11: 3 AAs, 1 finalist

12: 1 AA

13: 0 AAs

14: 0 AAs

15: 2 AAs

16: 0 AAs

US: 12 AAs


Returning All-Americans

Zain Retherford (Penn State) – Champion in 2016, 5th in 2014 at 141

Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) - 2nd in 2016, 4th in 2015

Lavion Mayes (Missouri) - 3rd in 2016, 7th in 2015 at 141

Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) - 4th in 2016

Justin Oliver (Central Michigan) - 7th in 2016

Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) - 6th in 2016 at 141


Who can win?

There will be much discussion about defending champion Zain Retherford's (Penn State) one point wins over Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) and Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State). The Nittany Lion junior could face both in this tournament so it's natural to wonder if one of those All-Americans could shock Retherford. However, last year we saw Retherford extend his lead over the competition at the NCAA tournament, wrestling as well as ever as he bonused his way through the entire event. It is certainly not impossible for Retherford to lose, no one is unbeatable, but from what we've seen from him recently and last season, he is one of the safest bets around. The finals will be interesting as he should see either Collica, who always keeps it close, or Lavion Mayes (Missouri) one of the only contenders at this weight that has never met Retherford. Mayes' offense has the potential to make that one interesting, but expect Retherford to stand on the top step once again regardless.

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