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Getting to Know: Paddy Quinlan, Franklin and Marshall

Paddy Quinlan - F&M

Throughout the off-season, we’re going to be getting to know returning NCAA Division I wrestlers from around the country.  We sent questionnaires to every program in the country and will be sharing the results throughout the long trek to next fall.  You can find them all whenever you like under the Getting to Know tag.     

Name: Paddy Quinlan

School: Franklin & Marshall College

Class (for 2017-18): Senior

Weight: 141

Quinlan was 22-18 on the year with nine falls as the Diplomats’ starter.  He finished his season making his second EIWA tournament appearance after backing up Richard Durso a year ago.


Rate your 2016-17 season on a scale of 1-10?

6.5/10 I was proud of some of my season, but I had a goal to make it to NCAA’s and All-American.

What are you working on this off-season?

This summer I’m going to work on my strength. I felt like I was not a full sized 141 pounder this year and I would like to be bigger for next year. I also need to work on my top wrestling and my chain wrestling on my feet. I also need to work on moving away from my home run moves and focus on my basic offense.

Do you plan to wrestle freestyle or Greco in the off-season?

Yes. This will be my third year doing freestyle and I plan on trying Greco at some tournament this year. Freestyle has really helped me on my feet and my defense.

What was the most interesting class you took this year?

Sports and American Culture. This class we discussed how sports in America have become a microcosm for American society. I really enjoyed this class and it was very relevant towards my American Studies Major.

What was your favorite match this season?

My favorite match of the season as a team was against VMI. Over the past couple of years VMI has become one of our rivals and it was the first time since I arrived at F&M that we had beaten them. Dan Martoccio pinned his kid at 133 and I followed with a pin of my own at 141. We actually were both on the national pins list through out the season.


If you weren’t a wrestler, is there another sport or competitive activity you’d have pursued?

Yes. I would have played college lacrosse. In high school, I played football, lacrosse and wrestled. I was actually recruited to multiple D3 schools to face off. I have thought about joining F&M’s lacrosse team, but I do not think I will.

When the season ended, what is the one food you had to eat?

I had to have a spicy chicken sandwich and a cookies n crème milkshake from Chick-fil-a.

What is your major and what would you like to do with it when you graduate?

I am an American Studies Major and plan on going into advertising or marketing after school. But my real goal is to become an assistant college wrestling coach.

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