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The Next Five Rules that Need to be Changed in NCAA Wrestling

Rule Changes

The NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee announced their recommended rule changes over the weekend and there was some good stuff included. However, as is almost always the case, there are more rule issues that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, with a two-year rule cycle, we probably won't see any of these addressed any time soon, but perhaps if there is enough discussion, we'll see these on the table next time around. Here are the next five rules that need to be changed in college wrestling.

1) Both wrestlers coming to their feet should not stop the five count for dropping below the waist.

The key to this rule is that the offensive wrestler is supposed to be called for stalling if he doesn't attempt to return the defensive wrestler to the mat. However, in the case where the count has already begun because the offensive man dropped below the waist, often to an ankle, and the wrestlers end up in a standing single leg position, the count should continue. The offensive wrestler has not improved their position or gotten back above the waist. Have you ever seen a wrestler called for stalling while holding a single leg in the standing position? It doesn't happen often and this position shouldn't be a way to end the count.

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