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Club Spotlight: Young Guns Wrestling Club

Young Guns WC

TOM is going around the country to highlight some of the best wrestling clubs in the country.  In addition to the great scholastic programs out there, many clubs are doing a fantastic job of developing athletes and growing the sport.  They give wrestlers additional opportunities to compete and learn regardless of what school district they happen to inhabit.  Join us as we look at some of the best wrestling clubs around!

Brief History:

Jody Strittmatter and Eric Juergens founded the Young Guns Wrestling Club in 2002. There are locations in Pennsylvania and on the border of Illinois and Iowa, as well as other locations in the Midwest as well. Strittmatter maintains and oversees the Pennsylvania location, while Juergens oversees the Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin locations. After 14 years of existence and an abundance of talent emerging from the Young Guns Club, it is very clear that Strittmatter and Juergens have created a powerhouse for club wrestling on a national level.

Strittmatter and Juergens were teammates at the University of Iowa.

Club Culture:

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