International Wrestling

The Lowest Weight in International Men’s Wrestling Needs to be Lowered

48 kg Champions

The history of wrestling's lowest weight class at the international level on the men's side is an interesting one. When freestyle debuted at the 1904 Olympics, there were seven weight categories, starting with 47.6 kg and running to 71.7 kg with everyone over that lumped together. A class below 52 kg wouldn't be seen again until 1969 when 48 kg appeared for a 28-year run. That stretch was also the last time the sport had 10 weight classes. That bottom weight class was a casualty when wrestling contracted down to eight classes in 1997. Now that all styles are heading back to 10, there is a great deal of discussion about what the lowest bracket should be. It must be below 57 kg and there should be a great deal of consideration given to going below 55 kg.

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