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What Does History Tell Us About the Recent Drop in High School Participation?

Spooner High School (WI)

The National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) has assembled a Blue Ribbon Task Force to address declining participation in high school wrestling. In an article on TrackWrestling written by Andy Hamilton, NWCA president Mike Moyer cited a drop in average roster size from 37 to 23 over the last six years (UPDATE: After the numbers didn't check out, we sought clarification from Mr. Moyer. That drop is from 1975 to today, not in the last six years.) in addition to startling statistics such as 29% of high school dual meet matches resulting in forfeits and wrestling being the only sport to have seen a drop in participation over each of the last six years that have been reported. This is certainly cause for concern, but with the participation numbers for high school sports going back to 1970 freely available, we thought we'd take a look for ourselves to see what we could learn.

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