High School Wrestling

How Much Does Talent Matter and Why the Answer is Largely Irrelevant

Youth Wrestling Practice

The nature versus nurture debate manifests itself in many ways across all walks of life. In sport, as in other contests of skill, the debate of how much natural talent determines the success of an athlete versus training and hard work remains a hotly contested topic. While many successful wrestlers seem to believe that attributing their achievements to talent ignores all the hard work they put in, those who did not succeed in the sport can be too quick to chalk their failures up to a lack of talent when other factors may have been involved. As with any complicated issue involving myriad variables, incomplete information, and each individual's unconscious bias, it is incredibly difficult to be certain of just how much a factor talent might be. There is no doubt that hard work is a requirement to win at the highest levels, but are there other factors, such as innate abilities or gene mutations, that are required? The good news is, the answer really doesn't matter for the vast majority of those in the sport.

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