High School Wrestling

Fargo 2017 – Junior Men’s Freestyle Preview (Part Two)

Jacob Warner, Travis Wittlake

Photos by John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com

The 2017 US Marine Corps Junior and Cadet Nationals begin Saturday, July 15th, in Fargo, North Dakota with Cadet men's freestyle (preview here). On Sunday at 9 am local time, Junior men's freestyle enters the fray as some of the best high school wrestlers in the country compete to take home the coveted stop sign. The finals are set to begin at 2 pm on Tuesday, July 18th. Between now and then a spectacular field will look to prove themselves worthy of a spot in the Fargo spotlight. Join us as we go weight-by-weight breaking down the title contenders, All-American threats, and dangerous dark horses to watch this week!

In part one, we broke down 100-145.  You can find that preview here.

Please note: This preview was written Thursday, July 13th, using the official entries to that point and the rosters released by USA Wrestling. Weight changes, adds, and drops may still occur before wrestling begins.


152 pounds is top heavy which could ...

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