High School Wrestling

What I Learned in Fargo (So Far)

Fargo 2017

Photo by Chris Mora, Tech-Fall.com

Holding a unique spot on the calendar with little competition both in the wrestling world and sports in general, Fargo receives a great deal of attention each year.  This year is no different and it is warranted with many of the best wrestlers in the country coming together for national championship competition over six individual tournaments and the Junior women’s duals.  However, not all the action is on the mat this week.  As tends to happen, there are many side discussions happening both in the FargoDome and on social media.  Here is what I have learned so far about the wrestlers in attendance and where the sport is going in this country.

Wrestlers who raised their profile

The week isn’t over yet so this is a topic we’ll revisit when the proceedings have wrapped up.  However, it is obvious that freestyle results are the most directly applicable to future folkstyle success.  This means we already know who might be getting a look from a few...

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