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Getting to Know: Dan Martoccio, Franklin and Marshall

Dan Martoccio, F&M

Throughout the off-season, we’re going to be getting to know returning NCAA Division I wrestlers from around the country.  We sent questionnaires to every program in the country and will be sharing the results throughout the long trek to next fall.  You can find them all whenever you like under the Getting to Know tag.    

Name: Dan Martoccio

School: Franklin and Marshall College

Class (for 2017-18): Redshirt Junior

Weight: 133

When you head for a Division I school never having finished above seventh in your state tournament, improvement is the name of the game.  Martoccio took his lumps as a spot starter at 125 pounds two years ago before redshirting in 2015-16.  He returned to the lineup last year much improved and held down the starting spot at 133, posting a winning record for the first time in his college career.  As the Council Rock High School (PA) graduate prepares for his final two seasons in Lancaster, expect to see him continue to close the gap on his competition.   

Rate your 2016-17 season on a scale of 1-10?

I would rate this season as a 5. It didn’t end the way I wanted it to, but it has made me more motivated for this offseason.

What are you working on this off-season?

This offseason my primary focus is becoming stronger and improving my chain wrestling ability.

Do you plan to wrestle freestyle or Greco in the off-season?

Yes. In my opinion, freestyle helps your folk style wrestling because it teaches you to focus on positioning and to keep wrestling after points are scored.

What was the most interesting class you took this year?

The most interesting class I took this year was marketing. Learning how marketers devise a plan to sell a product to consumers was interesting.

What was your favorite match this season?

My favorite match was the VMI match because their fans always travel well and we had a lot of people there to support us. (Editor’s Note: Martoccio pinned Kevin Keaveney (VMI) in 42 seconds as the Diplomats took the dual, 30-19.)

If you could wrestle one person, living or dead, who would it be?

I would want to wrestle John Smith. He is one of the best of all time and it’d be cool to learn from him.

If you could change one rule in college wrestling what would it be?

I would make the first takedown worth three points instead of two to encourage the aggressor right from the beginning.

If you weren’t a wrestler, is there another sport or competitive activity you’d have pursued?

If I didn’t wrestle I would be playing baseball. I played in high school and have always loved it.

When the season ended, what is the one food you had to eat?

The one food I craved all season was ice cream.

What is your major and what would you like to do with it when you graduate?

I’m a business major. I would like to either get into the finance industry or become an analyst.

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