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Combined Team Scores: Which Country Rules the Junior World Championships Overall?

2017 Junior World champions

Photos by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

The 2017 Junior World Championships wrapped up yesterday with Iran claiming the team title in Greco. That came after the United States claimed a historic team title in men's freestyle and Japan continued to reign supreme in women's freestyle. With the team scoring being the same across all three styles, the obvious question was, which country earned the most team points in the entire event? Here was the top 10.

United World Wrestling (UWW) awards the champion in each weight class 10 points, nine for second, eight for third and so on down to one point for a 10th place finish.


Rank Country GR MFS WFS Total
1 Russia 53 67 44 164
2 United States 29 68 29 126
3 Iran 58 49 0 107
4 Japan 11 14 63 88
5 Turkey 38 36 10 84
6 Azerbaijan 20 34 17 71
7 India 16 27 20 63
8 Ukraine 23 6 32 61
9 Kyrgyzstan 28 10 18 56
10 China 11 1 41 53

As you can see Russia, second in each style in Finland, won the combined team title, running away from Team USA on the final day of Greco competition. Iran doesn't compete in women's freestyle but was strong enough in the men's competition to find themselves in the third spot. Japan and China scored the vast majority of their points in the women's competition, though they didn't have enough men succeed to challenge the top three.

Looking at these standings cements what most of us already believed, that Team USA did very well, Russia is the best in the world overall, and Iran is right there in men's wrestling. However, looking at a single year can skew the outlook. The strength of any given country fluctuates from year to year and international wrestling is often unpredictable. We decided to go deeper, pouring through the data over the past 10 years of Junior World Championships to compile the combined team scores for each year to see what we might learn. We'll go year by year through the results and then compile a 10-year running team score at the bottom, crowning the best Junior wrestling program in the world over the past decade.

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