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How Many Senior Medals are Won by Junior World Participants/Medalists?

Roman Vlasov, Frank Chamizo

Now that the 2017 Junior World Championships have come to a close, the question will be asked, how will the outstanding young wrestlers we saw compete there perform at the Senior-level? While individual careers will vary for so many reasons, anecdotal evidence suggests many are ready to challenge the best in the world right now. Japan's Mayu Mukaida won a Junior World title last year and then claimed gold at December's Senior-level World Championships as well. Frank Chamizo, at the time wrestling for Cuba, was just 16th at the Junior level in 2010. Less than two months later, he was a bronze medalist at the World Championships. Roman Vlasov (RUS) was a Junior World champion in 2010, then won the Senior title in 2011 before claiming Olympic gold in 2012.

With such stories not difficult to find, we wondered just how many Senior-level World and Olympic medalists had prior experience at the Junior World Championships. We went back through the last four-year Olympic cycle, 2013-16, looking across all three styles to see what the numbers showed. To begin, we took a look at the percentage of all medals won at the Senior-level by wrestlers who had wrestled at Junior Worlds at least once.

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