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Way Too Early NCAA D1 Wrestling Team Race Preview (Part Two)

D1 Team Race Preview

While the NCAA wrestling season is still six weeks away and the Division I national tournament in Cleveland is six months out, the team race is shaping up to be a fascinating battle.  There are plenty of questions this time of year, but what we do know suggests this could be a year for the history books.  This early, it is a bit silly to make precise predictions as so much can happen over the course of a season.  However, going through and looking at several of the contending teams weight-by-weight can give us some idea where they stand.  Looking at a reasonable floor and ceiling for each wrestler allows us to see who could potentially swipe the team title in addition to how likely each team is to contend.  While officially every wrestler could win a title this year or not qualify for the NCAA tournament, we used the standard of where they might finish given they remain healthy and have a reasonable performance.  For some wrestlers, we have a pretty good idea of what they will likely do.  For others, the span between their floor and ceiling is wide.  This, too, can be informative.  For this preview, we’ll include the top four teams from last year, Penn State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, and Iowa, as well as Michigan as an intriguing dark horse.  There are certainly other teams out there that could put themselves in the team trophy conversation, but the champion will almost certainly be one of these five.  Many have Ohio State and Penn State well out in front, but will that stand up to our scrutiny?

If you missed part one going from 125 through 157, you can catch up here. Today we'll go through the back half of the lineups, then total it all up and talk about what it all might mean.

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