High School Wrestling

2017 Journeymen Fall Classic Preview

Carson Manville, Isaac Salas

Photos by Mark Beshey, The Gullotine and John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com

The fifth edition of the Journeymen Fall Classic gets underway Saturday, September 30th, 2017, with the middle school division and those who did not make it into Sunday's main event at the high school level. This event is different than most in many ways, but one is that those high school wrestlers competing on Saturday, due to late entries or their resumes not being quite strong enough, have a chance to earn their way into Sunday's field by winning the top round robin at their weight. The round-robin bracketing that has become a trademark of the Journeymen tournaments will be used throughout, dividing the wrestlers into pools before a cross-over match to determine final placing. The limited size of the pools means that weights will be divided into tiers, preventing some wrestlers from having any possibility to cross paths. Regardless, there will be plenty of great matches to watch.

Wrestling starts at 9 am eastern both days. The live stream can be found here, while brackets and results will be posted here.

Please join us as we go through the weights for Sunday's high school main event!

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