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Breaking Down Yet Another DI Dual Championship Proposal

NCAA Wrestling

Stop me if you've heard this one before, a new proposal would see the establishment of an NCAA Dual Championship tournament in Division I. Trackwrestling reported yesterday on the latest iteration of this concept, advanced by a Blue Ribbon Task Force charged with “devising a strategic plan for wrestling's future”. While there have been many different theories put forward on the best way to accomplish such a goal since it first officially emerged in 2012, this one has a new wrinkle. Northern Colorado head coach Troy Nickerson was quoted as saying, “the Blue Ribbon Task Force really wants to see two championships from the NCAA”, suggesting that this dual championship would be in addition to the current postseason, rather than as a part of or in place of the current successful one. Much like the proposal advanced a year ago, this one would shift the season to later in the year. Competition would begin during the break after most school's first semester ends, the current NCAA tournament wo...

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