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Wrestling is Not Immune to Cheating, it Never Has Been

NCAA Wrestling

For as long as athletes have competed against each other, there have been those willing to cheat in order to gain an advantage. The Ancient Greeks lined the pathways leading into their stadiums with statues not of great heroes, but of athletes and coaches who were caught cheating. This public shaming was paid for by fining the offenders or the city-states they represented. As sports entered the modern era and grew into big business, new avenues of to get an unfair edge, such as performance-enhancing drugs, joined old stand-bys such as bribery in the arsenal of those bent on willing at any cost. Wrestling has not been exempt from such schemes with examples of perfidious behavior scattered across every level of competition. With another round of rumors and accusations spreading throughout the community, we take a look back at some past incidents to gain context on what, to this point, are anonymous concerns.

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