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TOM Staff Picks: 2018 NCAA Wrestling DI All-Americans

TOM’s Alex Steen, Bryce Villa, Earl Smith, and Eric John have released their All-American picks for the 2018 NCAA Wrestling Division I Championships starting tomorrow in Cleveland.  Each of the three filled out the full bracket at each weight, reaching these conclusions.  We’ll be live from the tournament starting tomorrow so check back here and follow along on twitter @theopenmat.

WeightPlaceAlex SteenBryce VillaEarl SmithEric John
1251stNathan Tomasello (Ohio State)Spencer Lee (Iowa)Nick Suriano (Rutgers)Nick Suriano (Rutgers)
2ndNick Suriano (Rutgers)Nick Suriano (Rutgers)Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
3rdSpencer Lee (Iowa)Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)Darian Cruz (Lehigh)Darian Cruz (Lehigh)
4thDarian Cruz (Lehigh)Darian Cruz (Lehigh)Spencer Lee (Iowa)Spencer Lee (Iowa)
5thEthan Lizak (Minnesota)Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)Ethan Lizak (Minnesota)Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)
6thRonnie Rios (Oregon State)Ethan Lizak (Minnesota)Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern)Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)
7thTaylor LaMont (Utah Valley)Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley)Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)Ethan Lizak (Minnesota)
8thSebastian Rivera (Northwestern)Zeke Moisey (West Virginia)Sean Fausz (NC State)Sean Russell (Edinboro)
1331stSeth Gross (South Dakota State)Seth Gross (South Dakota State)Seth Gross (South Dakota State)Seth Gross (South Dakota State)
2ndStevan Micic (Michigan)Stevan Micic (Michigan)Stevan Micic (Michigan)Stevan Micic (Michigan)
3rdLuke Pletcher (Ohio State)Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)
4thKaid Brock (Oklahoma State)Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)John Erneste (Missouri)John Erneste (Missouri)
5thJack Mueller (Virginia)Austin DeSanto (Drexel)Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)Luke Pletcher (Ohio State)
6thJohn Erneste (Missouri)Montorie Bridges (Wyoming)Scott Parker (Lehigh)Jack Mueller (Virginia)
7thMontorie Bridges (Wyoming)Josh Terao (American)Jack Mueller (Virginia)Mitch McKee (Minnesota)
8thScott Parker (Lehigh)Ali Naser (Arizona State)Dom Forys (Pitt)Dom Forys (Pitt)
1411stYianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)Bryce Meredith (Wyoming)Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)Bryce Meredith (Wyoming)
2ndJoey McKenna (Ohio State)Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)Bryce Meredith (Wyoming)Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)
3rdBryce Meredith (Wyoming)Kevin Jack (NC State)Jaydin Eierman (Missouri)Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)
4thJaydin Eierman (Missouri)Jaydin Eierman (Missouri)Kevin Jack (NC State)Jaydin Eierman (Missouri)
5thKevin Jack (NC State)Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell)Dean Heil (Oklahoma State)Kevin Jack (NC State)
6thDean Heil (Oklahoma State)Joey McKenna (Ohio State)Joey McKenna (Ohio State)Joey McKenna (Ohio State)
7thNick Lee (Penn State)Brock Zacherl (Clarion)Nick Lee (Penn State)Nick Lee (Penn State)
8thMason Smith (Central Michigan)Nick Lee (Penn State)Ty Smith (Bucknell)Luke Karam (Lehigh)
1491stZain Retherford (Penn State)Zain Retherford (Penn State)Zain Retherford (Penn State)Zain Retherford (Penn State)
2ndBrandon Sorensen (Iowa)Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)
3rdGrant Leeth (Missouri)Grant Leeth (Missouri)Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State)Grant Leeth (Missouri)
4thKe-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State)Justin Oliver (Central Michigan)Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa)Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State)
5thRyan Deakin (Northwestern)Matt Kolodzik (Princeton)Grant Leeth (Missouri)Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)
6thTroy Heilmann (North Carolina)Ke-Shawn Hayes (Ohio State)Matt Kolodzik (Princeton)Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa)
7thBoo Lewallen (Oklahoma State)Troy Heilmann (North Carolina)Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)Matt Kolodzik (Princeton)
8thMax Thomsen (Northern Iowa)Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State)Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State)Ronnie Perry (Lock Haven)
1571stJason Nolf (Penn State)Michael Kemerer (Iowa)Jason Nolf (Penn State)Jason Nolf (Penn State)
2ndHayden Hidlay (NC State)Josh Shields (Arizona State)Josh Shields (Arizona State)Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)
3rdMichael Kemerer (Iowa)Jason Nolf (Penn State)Hayden Hidlay (NC State)Joey Lavallee (Missouri)
4thAlec Pantaleo (Michigan)Joey Lavallee (Missouri)Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)Micah Jordan (Ohio State)
5thJoey Lavallee (Missouri)Hayden Hidlay (NC State)Michael Kemerer (Iowa)Hayden Hidlay (NC State)
6thJosh Shields (Arizona State)Alec Pantaleo (Michigan)Micah Jordan (Ohio State)Josh Shields (Arizona State)
7thMicah Jordan (Ohio State)Micah Jordan (Ohio State)Joey Lavallee (Missouri)Michael Kemerer (Iowa)
8thTyler Berger (Nebraska)Tyler Berger (Nebraska)Tyler Berger (Nebraska)Archie Colgan (Wyoming)
1651stIsaiah Martinez (Illinois)Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)Isaiah Martinez (Illinois)
2ndVincenzo Joseph (Penn State)Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)David McFadden (Virginia Tech)
3rdDavid McFadden (Virginia Tech)David McFadden (Virginia Tech)David McFadden (Virginia Tech)Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State)
4thLogan Massa (Michigan)Alex Marinelli (Iowa)Chad Walsh (Rider)Chad Walsh (Rider)
5thAlex Marinelli (Iowa)Richie Lewis (Rutgers)Logan Massa (Michigan)Alex Marinelli (Iowa)
6thChad Walsh (Rider)Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven)Evan Wick (Wisconsin)Richie Lewis (Rutgers)
7thChandler Rogers (Oklahoma State)Chad Walsh (Rider)Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State)Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State)
8thChance Marsteller (Lock Haven)Evan Wick (Wisconsin)Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven)Chance Marsteller (Lock Haven)
1741stMark Hall (Penn State)Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)Zahid Valencia (Arizona State)
2ndZahid Valencia (Arizona State)Mark Hall (Penn State)Mark Hall (Penn State)Mark Hall (Penn State)
3rdBo Jordan (Ohio State)Daniel Lewis (Missouri)Bo Jordan (Ohio State)Daniel Lewis (Missouri)
4thJordan Kutler (Lehigh)Myles Amine (Michigan)Jordan Kutler (Lehigh)Jordan Kutler (Lehigh)
5thDaniel Lewis (Missouri)Bo Jordan (Ohio State)Daniel Lewis (Missouri)Bo Jordan (Ohio State)
6thMyles Amine (Michigan)Jordan Kutler (Lehigh)Myles Amine (Michigan)Myles Amine (Michigan)
7thTaylor Lujan (Northern Iowa)Jadaen Bernstein (Navy)Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa)Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa)
8thJadaen Bernstein (Navy)Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State)David Kocer (South Dakota State)Jadaen Bernstein (Navy)
1841stBo Nickal (Penn State)Bo Nickal (Penn State)Bo Nickal (Penn State)Bo Nickal (Penn State)
2ndMyles Martin (Ohio State)Myles Martin (Ohio State)Myles Martin (Ohio State)Myles Martin (Ohio State)
3rdRyan Preisch (Lehigh)Ryan Preisch (Lehigh)Dom Abounader (Michigan)Ryan Preisch (Lehigh)
4thDom Abounader (Michigan)Dom Abounader (Michigan)Pete Renda (NC State)Pete Renda (NC State)
5thPete Renda (NC State)Pete Renda (NC State)Ryan Preisch (Lehigh)Dom Abounader (Michigan)
6thTaylor Venz (Nebraska)Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech)Emery Parker (Illinois)Max Dean (Cornell)
7thDrew Foster (Northern Iowa)Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech)Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)
8thMax Dean (Cornell)Bryce Carr (Chattanooga)Max Dean (Cornell)Taylor Venz (Nebraska)
1971stKollin Moore (Ohio State)Kollin Moore (Ohio State)Kollin Moore (Ohio State)Ben Darmstadt (Cornell)
2ndJared Haught (Virginia Tech)Ben Darmstadt (Cornell)Jared Haught (Virginia Tech)Kollin Moore (Ohio State)
3rdBen Darmstadt (Cornell)Michael Macchiavello (NC State)Ben Darmstadt (Cornell)Jared Haught (Virginia Tech)
4thShakur Rasheed (Penn State)Shakur Rasheed (Penn State)Shakur Rasheed (Penn State)Willie Miklus (Missouri)
5thWillie Miklus (Missouri)Jared Haught (Virginia Tech)Michael Macchiavello (NC State)Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)
6thPreston Weigel (Oklahoma State)Frank Mattiace (Penn)Willie Miklus (Missouri)Michael Macchiavello (NC State)
7thMichael Macchiavello (NC State)Willie Miklus (Missouri)Nate Rotert (South Dakota State)Shakur Rasheed (Penn State)
8thFrank Mattiace (Penn)Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)Frank Mattiace (Penn)Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa)
2851stKyle Snyder (Ohio State)Adam Coon (Michigan)Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)Adam Coon (Michigan)
2ndAdam Coon (Michigan)Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)Adam Coon (Michigan)Kyle Snyder (Ohio State)
3rdAmar Dhesi (Oregon State)Jacob Kasper (Duke)Jacob Kasper (Duke)Nick Nevills (Penn State)
4thNick Nevills (Penn State)Nick Nevills (Penn State)Amar Dhesi (Oregon State)Jacob Kasper (Duke)
5thJacob Kasper (Duke)Amar Dhesi (Oregon State)Nick Nevills (Penn State)Amar Dhesi (Oregon State)
6thSam Stoll (Iowa)Sam Stoll (Iowa)Mike Hughes (Hofstra)Tanner Hall (Arizona State)
7thMike Hughes (Hofstra)Derek White (Oklahoma State)Nathan Butler (Stanford)Sam Stoll (Iowa)
8thNathan Butler (Stanford)Youssif Hemida (Maryland)Jordan Wood (Lehigh)Nathan Butler (Stanford)
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