2017 Tommies

2017 Tommies – Honoring College Wrestling’s Best

Welcome to the 2017 Tommies, TOM’s annual awards for college wrestling. Our staff has voted and below you will find our list of awards for the 2017 NCAA College wrestling season.  In addition, make your voice heard in the Fans’ Choice voting in the box just below this text.  Congratulations to all the winners! Check back next week to see who the fans choose for the final Tommie of the season.

Best Technical Wrestler

Zain Retherford
Penn State

Most Improved Wrestler

Jacob Kasper

Best Non-DI Wrestler

Riley Lefever
Wabash College

Coach of the Year

Brian Smith

Best Ambassador

J’Den Cox

Comeback Wrestler

Brian Realbuto

Freshman of the Year

Vincenzo Joseph
Penn State

Upset of the Year

Darian Cruz over Thomas Gilman (Iowa)

Maxime Formidati

Jason Nolf
Penn State

Wrestler of the Year

Kyle Snyder
Ohio State

One comment

  1. jonbearg@hotmail.com

    I agree with several choices and disagree with several…This is to be expected. However where I really think that you guys missed the boat was for Coach of the year.I think Brian Smith did well. I know they lost Miklus (#4 rated 184 early in the season) but they did manage to get 3 wrestlers in the Finals (an exceptional feat given this teams regular season). But this was Sanderson’s best year of coaching. In the preseason you guys and everybody else (Flo,Track wrestling, Win and others) had Penn State ranked between 5th and 7th (virtually where Missouri was ranked). When the dust settled, at the end of the season, you ranked Penn State #1 by a mile and Missouri was #6 (approximately where you ranked them at the beginning of the season). Obviously, everyone was wrong at the start of the season. The other way to look at this is what Sanderson and his staff did was exceptional. Considering also that Penn State also lost 10% of his lineup early in the season (Cortez ranked # 9) and 10% more of his starting lineup just before the Big 10s (Suriano ranked #2). A coach should be recognized for a great job when they did what Penn State did. At the national finals, Penn State scored TWICE as many points as Missouri. Again I am not knocking Smith…what he did was impressive also compared to other teams (most other teams finished below their preseason rank with the exception of Ohio State- Ryan did a great job also). Ohio State was unbelievable (winning the Big 10s and taking 2nd at the NCAAs). Ryan too should be recognized for a superior coaching job (Ohio State preseason rank was 2 or 3 depending on who was doing the ranking).
    However, in my opinion, this was clearly Coach Sanderson and HIS STAFF finest job since they have been at Penn State.