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Top 10 High School Juniors from out West

Roman Bravo-Young, Travis Wittlake

Photo of Roman Bravo-Young by Jeff Beshey, The Guillotine Many fans are aware that the East Coast and the Midwest have great scholastic wrestlers that top most national rankings in their respective weight classes. However, there are also top competitors from the West Coast that can compete with the best in the country and have signed with some of the ...

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Top 10 Wrestlers With Something to Prove This Post-Season

Top 10

As we head for the NCAA Division I Wrestling post-season, we know that stories will be written, unforgettable moments will unfold, and legacies will be cemented over the next month. Every wrestler who will compete at a conference tournament over the next two weeks will have a chance to prove they are the best in the country. However, certain wrestlers ...

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Top 10 Redshirting Non-Freshmen in NCAA Division I Wrestling

Top 10 RS Non-freshmen

Last week, we covered the top 10 redshirting freshmen in the country. This week, it’s time for the non-freshmen to get their due. Unlike the true freshmen we introduced you to last week, these guys have all spent time in the line-up for their school but, for one reason or another, redshirted this season. Most of these guys have been ...

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Top 10 Redshirting Freshmen in NCAA Division I Wrestling

Top Redshirting Freshmen

Every year the debate rages. Which of the brand new true freshmen across the country should redshirt and which should jump right into the fire. Mark Hall (Penn State) had his redshirt pulled in January. Alex Marinelli (Iowa) is keeping his on. We will see, eventually, all of these young men in their respective lineups, barring something unforeseen, but it ...

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Top 10 Active Career Pinners in NCAA Division I Wrestling

Active Career Pinners - Feb '17

Back in October before the 2016-17 college wrestling season had begun, we took a look at the top five career pinners returning to Division I wrestling this season. Now that the season is three months old, it is time to check back in and see where everyone stands. We’ve expanded the list to go 10 deep this time around and ...

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Bracket Busters: 10 Wrestlers That Could Cause Chaos in March

Bracket Busters

Every year at the NCAA tournament an unseeded wrestler comes out of nowhere to pull a huge upset or two wreaking havoc on the bracket. In the last three seasons, since the introduction of the 16-seed system, there have been 19 unseeded All-Americans and many more have pulled upsets in the early rounds. We know the bracket busters are out ...

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The Top Ten High School Wrestling Teams in PA

Wyoming Seminary

Wrestling is one of the most difficult sports to rank the top teams with events being hosted in both dual and individual tournament formats. Tournament results can vary according to the depth of the tournament as a team with a handful of elite wrestlers can excel at tournaments like Ironman and the Beast, while deeper teams might come out on ...

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Top 10 Pin Leaders in NCAA Division I Wrestling This Season

Top Pinners

Here at TOM, we are thankful for wrestlers who go for the fall. We’ve written about the most prolific pinners active in college wrestling today, but with the season underway, we thought we’d take a moment to run down the wrestlers who are out there pinning people left and right this season. Before we get to the Division I pin ...

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