TOM Live Ken Kraft Midlands 2011

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  1. Go Hawks!! Even though many seedings unfavorable

  2. For the record, Lehigh coach Pat Santoro won his two national titles at Pitt.

  3. Is there a site where we can see the Midlands live on the Web?

  4. Okie Chippewa

    Fans can see the bracket updates through pigtails & 1st round results on Northwestern’s wrestling web site.

  5. hi
    jesse delgado is from Gilroy Ca.

  6. How did brandon nelsen do in the wrestle bascks?

  7. Al B. Bel plane Now Sc

    How many extra wrestlers score?

  8. did Bobby telford win his last match?

  9. Way too go Hawks. Tom has bone a great JOB.

  10. who won the championship at 125