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Another Ohioan To VT

Brascetta the Newest Hokie

Willie Saylor, Editor

Jesse Dong, Ty Mitch, Brian Stephens, Zach Neibert, Harrison Hightower, Matt Stephens.

And now, Nick Brascetta.

Ohio kids are flocking to Blacksburg, Virginia, and Head Coach Kevin Dresser continues his friendship with St. Paris-Graham Head Coach, Jeff Jordan through a pipeline of talent.

Brascetta, who, on Thursday, informed TheOpenMat of his decision to attend Virginia Tech next season, will become the 7th Ohioan, and 4th  SPG Falcon to grace the VT singlet.

Nick, whose older brother wrestled at Oregon State, is a two-time state finalist and 3-time state placewinner. He has also won the prestigious Ironman Tournament.

A lightweight in his previous three years in high school, Brascetta has hit a growth spurt and will wrestle 140lbs this season for the highly ranked SPG program.

He was named the 8th best college prospect at 149lbs earlier this month.

Q & A

TOM: What made you decide on VT?

NB: I chose VT because t was the place I feel most comfortable…and see myself being successful.

TOM: What is your relationship with the wrestlers and coaches like a VT?

NB: Coach Dresser from the start, out recruited all the other coaches which really made our relationship good throughout the process as we talked as often as the rules allowed. As you know Brian Stephens who was on the team for 2 years when I was and his brother Matt, who is my best friend both are going there so that is a big help. Through them I got to know the team a lot better and just really think they are a good group of guys. VT is a place where I see myself for the next 5 years.

TOM: How do you see yourself fitting into the team and the line-up?

NB: I see myself at 141 next year unless I continue to grow…and plans are to move up to 149 at some point to give Brian Stephens his read shirt. And then maybe even further to 157, if I follow in my brother’s growth patterns. But only time will tell.

TOM: What are your college goals?

NB: In choosing VT one of the biggest goals is to be a multiple time All-American…and of course hopefully a National Champ.

TOM: What might you major in?

NB: I think I will major in one of two things, business or engineering. That should cover most of it.

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