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Berreyesa Takes Silver; Kilty Dominates Her Way to the Finals

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The Greco-Roman portion of the Junior World Championships has come to a conclusion today with medal matches at five weight classes, including Andrew Berreyesa’s gold medal match. Andrew scrapped his way into the final and had an impressive showing before falling to a now four-time world champion. The US Greco team finished in the top ten for the second consecutive year, which marks progress for the program overall.

This morning the Women’s Freestyle team opened their tournament with mixed results. Two and a half months removed from a Cadet world title Macey Kilty made the finals of the Junior Championships at 68 kg. She will be the only member of the team that wrestled Wednesday to medal. There were others on the team that dropped close matches in heartbreaking fashion.

50 kg

Round of 32  Alleida Martinez vs Yasaman Majidli (Azerbaijan)

Martinez was the first American women to take the mat in the tournament and set a good tone. Although measured in her attacks, she was aggressive and jumped out to an early lead with a sweep single for a takedown then a gut wrench for a quick 4-0 advantage. She went into the break with an 8-0 lead after shooting a Hi-C then moving into a double to Majidli’s back for four points. Majidli decided to try her offense in the second which Martinez easily countered with a snap, shuck, and whip to her back, where Alleida would keep her until the fall was confirmed.

Round of 16  vs. Viktoryia Apalonik (Belarus)

In this match, Martinez took less time to start her offense and took the early advantage with an arm drag. Right after they were stood up, she then scored a second takedown with a snatch single. After getting exposure points with a leg lace, she moved into an armbar. The hold was sunk in deep, and Apalonik was not able to fight out before surrendering a fall.

Quarterfinals vs Marina Zakshevskaya (Kazakhstan)

After a minute without any action, Martinez took the first committed shot, a double leg that was stopped by Zakshevskaya, who had a reshot of her own. It was a lefty fireman’s carry which she finished by pushing Martinez to her hips, rather than with a dump. Zakshevskaya held on the elbow and bottom leg which left Martinez almost flat. Martinez then continued to try and wrestle through the position which eventually led to the fall at 1:41.

Zakshevskaya dropped her semifinal match to Ellen Riesterer (Germany) 6-2 which then eliminated Martinez.

55 kg

Round of 16  Ronna Heaton vs. Anne Nuernberger (Germany)

Nuernberger was the aggressor early getting in deep to Heaton’s leg on a shot attempt that was ultimately stopped by Ronna. Shortly after that Heaton was put on the shot clock, however that lit a spark in her, and she shot and scored off of the whistle. After getting two points, Heaton attempted to add to her lead with a gut wrench that Nuernberger would step over, exposing the American. The first period would end with a 2-2 score, in favor of the German. Ronna would become more aggressive in the second scoring with a sweep single and then defensively after Nuernberger shot. The final two points for Heaton came after her initial shot was stymied and she reversed field, cutting back on her finish and putting the final score to 8-2.

Quarterfinals vs Ekaterina Verbina (Russia)

In the early going it was Heaton who was controlling the center, and the official looked ready to call Verbina passive. At that point, the Russian took a perfectly timed High-C, elevated Heaton above her head and returned her to the mat for a takedown. Verbina then got in deep on the second shot with Heaton countered with a crotch lock and scored two exposure point, followed by Verbina finishing on top for a 3-2 lead. Verbina then managed to get in deep again on a reshot and used a high finish again for a 5-2 lead at the break. In the second Heaton started to get desperate and was shooting more frequently. Verbina opened the period with a defensive takedown to now lead 7-2. Heaton switched attacks and shot a nice looking low-single, but it was defended, and Verbina exposed her for a 9-2 lead. At the following restart, Ronna created a flurry, in which she came out on top reducing the lead to 5 points. Any comeback hopes were dashed when Verbina stopped a shot from space and spun for two more scores, making the final 11-4.

Verinba was shut out 2-0 in the semifinals by Saki Igarashi (Japan) which would spell the end of the tournament for Heaton.

59 kg

Round of 16  Brenda Reyna vs. Hwa Young Sung (South Korea)

Reyna’s opponent was a short, stout wrestler that proved to be difficult to score against. On multiple occasions, Reyna got deep on a single, yet was stopped with whizzer. This occurred early in the match; however, Brenda was able to chain wrestle and transition from one attack to another and hustled her way into a takedown and a 2-0 lead. She then added a second takedown quickly and was up on the scoreboard 4-0 at the break. Sung’s scoring started shortly after the second period began, with a push out. Her corner challenged the ruling with as overturned to a takedown. An ankle pick then gave Sung the lead, 4-4 with criteria, with only 38 seconds remaining. Reyna rebounded to hit a big double leg and jump back in front 6-4. In the closing seconds, Sung used her short offense to spin around Reyna as the clock expired. Initially, it was ruled after the buzzer, but a review showed that Sung was behind Reyna for the winning takedown with .04 left on the clock.

Sung would go on to drop her next match 7-4 to Yekaterina Firstova (Kazakhstan) which eliminated Reyna from the tournament.

68 kg

Round of 16  Macey Kilty vs. Tindra Sjoeberg (Sweden)

The first world match at the Junior level for Cadet World Champion Macey Kilty was more of the same for her. Kilty controlled the center of the mat with a two-on-one tie for the first minute plus of the match before her frustrated opponent carelessly shot. Kilty snapped and spun around Sjoeberg for two points and then moved into a leg lace which she used to expose Sjoeberg for two sets of points, now leading 6-0. Another shot attempt was countered by Kilty for an 8-0 lead after one period. In the second Kilty displayed the throwing skills she has become known for after blocking another Sjoeberg attempt and taking her for a ride, rather than be content with the two-point takedown. The end result was a 12-0 win for Kilty.

Quarterfinals vs Alina Rudnytska (Ukraine)

Macey only needed 50 seconds to advance to the evening’s quarterfinals. She cut back on a single leg and caught Rudnytska’s bottom leg in precarious position. Kilty then elevated the leg and crossfaced the Ukrainian until she was down for the fall.

Semifinals vs. Yan Wang (China)

From the outset of the match, Kilty was in control as she snapped Wang down ten seconds in and spun around for her first two points. After the official stood the pair up, she was able to show off her short offense working from a front headlock. From there she picked up exposure points from a leg lace to break open the match at 6-0. It was more of the same in the second period with Macey operating from the front headlock for another takedown. She was close to ending the match while in on a leg, but Wang stepped out for bounds, prolonging the bout at 9-0. After working hard from what was originally a sweep single, Kilty finally converted her final takedown to close out the match and advance to her first Junior world final.

76 kg

Round of 16  Dymond Guilford vs. Yasuha Matsuyuki (Japan)

Guilford’s opening match was a stiff test against the defending Junior world silver medalist Matsuyuki. The more experienced Matsuyuki was on the attack early getting in on a single leg and driving Guilford out of bounds for what was called a caution and one point. Matsuyuki then powered through Guilford for a takedown, extending her lead to 3-0. The American got on the board with a point of her own for a push out. Her Japanese counterpart did not get flustered and picked up a second takedown, this time only second before the buzzer at the end of the first period. In the second Guilford did a commendable job blocking multiple shot attempts for getting caught with her feet tied up for a double leg straight to her back. Smelling blood Matsuyuki pushed for the fall which she would ultimately get, ending the match at 4:54.

Matsuyuki was pinned in the semifinals by Yuanyuan Huang (China) which meant that Guilford would not be eligible for the repechage.

Men’s 82 kg Greco-Roman

Gold Medal Match  Andrew Berreyesa vs. Aleksandr Komarov (Russia)

Berreyesa had his hands full with the Russian Komarov who was seeking his second Junior world title, to go along with two Cadet world championships, as well. Though he was fighting hard for position, Andrew was hit for passivity and in a 1-0 hole. On the ensuing par terre restart, Komarov was able to get two turns from gut wrenches which extended his lead to 5-0 heading into the break. In the second Komarov ended the match with a four-point throw. The American bench challenged citing a leg foul; however, it appeared the officials did not view the entire sequence and awarded the Russian a point for a lost challenge making the score 10-0.

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