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Crafting A TOM 2021-22 All-Transfer Team

2021 165-pound NCAA Champion Shane Griffith. (Image courtesy of Stanford Athletics/Shane Griffith's Twitter. 

Since the transfer portal opened in October of 2018, it has been a frequently discussed and often ridiculed topic in college athletics. The portal has essentially brought a semblance of free agency to college athletics. With that, athletes get some more control over their careers (which they deserve), but it has made a Division I coach's job exponentially more challenging concerning recruiting. Now, coaches have to re-recruit wrestlers that they have already signed on a season-by-season basis because athletes can find a new home at any moment quite easily.

This offseason, there are plenty of big-time transfers that have already happened, and there are still many talented Division I wrestlers currently looking for a new home.

With this in mind, here is The Open Mat's All-Transfer Team. As the name would suggest, it's a hypothetical starting 10 made from those in (or recently in) the transfer portal. At a few weights, there are even honorable mention selections because the choice was that tough.

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