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Three months and closing

Well we are getting closer and closer to the start of the 2012-13 season. Is it just us or are you getting excited as well? It is that time of the year where not much is going on, but in the back of our minds we know chaos and wrestling are just around the corner. One thing we can assure you is that come October the new TOM/AWN will present you with the most information, coverage, opinions and analysis out there.

There are a ton of questions on our minds such as; Will Penn State Three-peat? Will Thorn really make it down and hold the weight at 125? Will that young Ohio State Team make some noise? Where does Oklahoma State and Iowa finish next year? Could there really be a five team race in Des Moines? These are just a few of the questions we have bouncing around in our heads.

So will Penn State pull off three in a row? Well all we can do is guess, see that is why we actually wrestle the matches. With that said, they have to be considered the favorite. Let’s take a look at what they have coming back. The first question is what will they do at 125? Do they redshirt Megaludis and let Guilibon take 125 next year? Does Megaludis go up and fill the hole at 133? Does Guilibon redshirt? Who knows at this point. All we know is they will be rock solid at 125. 133 is a different animal for them. They have numerous options, but we are not sure any of them are great. This will be a wait and see kind of deal. Rummer has it Ruth and Wright go up to make room for Brown. Many think that this is a great thing while others are taking the wait and see approach here as well. We are in the wait and see camp. They will have an unproven heavyweight that could be boom or bust for them. All in all they have the fire power to make it three in a row.

Minnesota is banking on Thorn getting down to 125. This could be great for the Gophers or a mess. If he is down and healthy and wrestling like we know he can, this can put Minnesota right in the middle of things. Their only question mark currently may be at 157. Zilverberg is the likely starter here. With another year under his belt and being healthy he may be a nice fit. Otherwise they return a ton of fire power and should be in the mix.

Ohio State came into the national tournament with a young scrappy squad and did very well. With pretty much everyone back and upgrades at a few weights we suspect that they will be a contender. The Buckeyes will be a fun team to watch for the next few years.

Iowa returns just about everyone and should be better at 197 and 149. Who wins those spots could be anyone’s guess right now. They have some real solid young contenders for the 197 spot and who knows maybe Grambell tries his hand there again. Either way we think that they will be better at those weights next year making them a clear contender. Note to self, this tournament will be in the Hawkeye’s backyard.

Oklahoma State is an interesting one for sure. They will be real solid next season. There are some questions about who will be at what weights. 133 is the biggest question we have right now. This could be a hole for the Cowboys. The rest of the line-up which now includes Tyler Caldwell should work itself out in due time. If they are firing on all cylinders they could be dangerous come March.

So yes, we do think that this could be a five team race. Matter of fact this may be one of the best national tournaments ever. Of course that is if everything goes according to plan, which it rarely if ever does. We are very much looking forward to the fall and the return of college wrestling.

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