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TOM’s Quarant-Interview with NJ RTC Head Coach Reece Humphrey

Humphrey, Reece

photo courtesy of Richard Immel

In our latest Quarant-Interview, we step away from talking about action on the mat or the coaching front as we talk to Reece Humphrey. The 2019 Terry McCann Freestyle Coach of the Year winner has recently filmed a series of videos geared towards the training of police officers. With input from friends that are officers, Reece demonstrates how wrestling technique can be used to takedown and subdue a potential assailant. These techniques will ensure safety for both the officer and the suspect. Reece also weighs in on his NJ RTC athlete Anthony Ashnault putting “Morals above Money”, how he has talked with his kids about social injustice and processing any negative feedback he’s received from his project.

Please stayed tuned to Reece’s social media for the release of his videos. They are slated to be ready this week, however, the production company is donating their own time to this venture, as well.

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