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Fullerton saved, sort of, we have a few questions

This is great news for the wrestling community. It is also good news that the State (via the School) will actually let the program use funds they have raised, now. One would think that is the least the state could do considering how poorly they have mismanaged their own money, but that is a separate story.

So to keep the program afloat for 3 more season they need to raise $450,000 and this must be done in the next 6 months or so. First they need to cover this years shortfall (which is a bit confusing since the state committed to this season, but we lack detail here).

So, all in all there is hope. But we have a few questions. A week or so ago most of us are aware of the comments made by UFC President Dana White. White made the comment that he is prepared or rather that MMA needs to throw its weight behind the effort to save and preserve college wrestling in this country.

I want to know if anyone from our leadership has contacted Mr. White about his comments and apparent offer? I am talking all leadership, meaning the heads of all organizations. I certainly hope so. This is an offer or rather an opportunity we can not afford to overlook. Heck, if we had his contact info, we would do it ourselves, matter of fact that will be my goal today. I will attempt to contact and interview Mr. White and try to nail down some specifics on his “offer”. If any of our readers have contact info for him, please feel free to email it to us.

Now lets look at some math. Between now and the deadline the UFC will have about 6 Pay-per-view events. The UFC averages about a 1,000,000 paid viewers per fight (note this is a rough estimate). If we could get the UFC to donate $.10 (10 cents) of every paid viewer over the next 6-months that would generate $600,000 for the Fullerton program alone. Lets say we could get them to commit to $.25 per viewer per fight. That would raise $1,500,000 for college wrestling in just 6 months. Now imagine if we could come to a multiple year deal. 3 years could generate roughly $9,000,000 for college wrestling. Think of how many programs could become endowed.

Now these are just some rough numbers but think about how big of a boast it would be to college wrestling if some kind of relationship could be fostered.

Cal State Fullerton is giving the wrestling community a chance to step up, we say it is time that we do.

Have a great day, we have some good news.

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