2021 Who's #1

Who’s Number One Fantasy Guide from Fantasy Fight League

Release and graphic courtesy of Joe Kania/Fantasy Fight League. 

Who’s Number One is almost here and there’s no better way to get engaged with one of the best high school wrestling events in the country than to set a fantasy team. 

PLAY: Fantasy wrestling is here

You have the option to pick a lower, middle and upper weight for each of the boys and girls divisions. The total number of points your athletes score get applied to your username and will move you up the leaderboard. 

Top ten finishers on the leaderboard win prizes each month. In September, Fantasy Fight League is giving out a throwback Oklahoma State windbreaker, a pair of Rudis shoes, a signed John Smith trading card and more. 

On the boy’s side, Manny Rojas is projected to be the top scorer with 30 fantasy points. On the girls side, both Kylie Welker and Korina Blades are projected to score 32 points. 

To play, click here.

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