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TOM’s WCWA Weekly Update – Dec. 12th, 2017

WCWA Update

In this week’s WCWA Update, Life celebrates their first ever senior night with an upset, the NAIA Invitational title goes to Campbellsville, and McKendree takes down Emmanuel in a clash of top-10 programs.

Milestone Night for Life University

It was a big night for 11th-ranked Life University on December 5th as the team defeated sixth-ranked Emmanuel College. It also happened to be the first ever senior night for the Running Eagles, a remarkable accomplishment for the fledgling women’s wrestling program located in Marietta, Georgia. Life University’s five senior wrestlers were recognized as the first graduating class of the Running Eagles women’s wrestling team in a ceremony before the match took place. Senior wrestlers listed on the Life roster include Zoe Wright, Nadine Fiege, Jaclyn Fields, Stephanie Pantoja, and Tyesha Topps. When wrestling got started, the Running Eagles managed to win six out of 10 weight classes in a dual that went back and forth from the beginning. Kayla Marano gave Emmanuel College an 18-14 lead after seven weight classes when she pinned Christina Font at 143-pounds. However, Life earned technical-falls in the final three weights to knock off the sixth-ranked team in the country.

#11 Life University 26 #6 Emmanuel College 20
101 – Ruby Ariosa (LU) FF Forfeit (EC)
109 – #3 Maria Vidales (EC) Tech Fall Alanda Nguyen (LU)
116 – #8 Alexis Encinas (EC) Tech Fall Tyesha Topps (LU)
123 – #4 Jennifer Juarez (LU) Fall #7 Victoria Gutierrez (EC)
130 – #6 Abigail Nette (EC) FF Forfeit (LU)
136 – Aysia Cortez (LU) Tech Fall Jazlyn Jackson (EC) 9-2
143 – #4 Kayla Marano (EC) Fall Christina Font (LU) 4-3
155 – Zoe Wright (LU) Tech Fall Felicity Bryant (EC) 14-4
170 – Jordan Nelson (LU) Tech Fall Ophelia Lara (EC)
191 – Stephanie Pantoja (LU) Tech Fall Briana Jordan (EC)

Campbellsville University Dominates at the NAIA Invitational

Just one week after a performance that saw them claim the inaugural Mid-South Conference title, the second-ranked Campbellsville University Tigers were back at it, this time claiming their third consecutive NAIA Invitational crown. The Lady Tigers racked up 210.5 points easily outdistancing themselves from the runner-up, University of the Cumberlands. Aided by the return of top-ranked Kayla Miracle from her overseas trip with Team USA, it was a total team effort for Campbellsville who crowned champions in six of 10 weight classes. Two wrestlers whose performances really stood out were McKayla Campbell (109) and Mariah Harris (170). One week after losing in the finals of the Mid-South Conference championships up a weight class, the freshman Campbell rebounded nicely dominating the field at 109-pounds. The second-ranked wrestler in the country ran through the field on her way to the finals with three technical falls and one fall, in only 50-seconds, before meeting up with teammate and fourth-ranked Charlotte Fowler in the finals. Campbell and Fowler traded attacks in a wild match that saw the freshman Campbell earn the 12-11 decision over Fowler to claim the 109-pound title and also earn the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler award. Harris crushed the competition at 170-pounds on her way to the gold medal. After a 10-0 technical-fall in the opening round, Harris would spend a total of 2:02 on the mat in her next three matches recording three falls. Other champions for the Lady Tigers included Shelby Hall (130), Kayla Miracle (136), Alexia Foca (143) and Kaitlyn Hill (191).

NAIA Placers
101 Pounds
1st Place – Maia Phanthadara of Univ. of the Cumberlands
2nd Place – Rebecca Forsyth of Univ. of the Cumberlands
3rd Place – Kassidy Ramirez of Bacon
109 Pounds
1st Place – McKayla Campbell of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Charlotte Fowler of Campbellsville University
3rd Place – Jessica Rodriguez of Univ. of the Cumberlands
116 Pounds
1st Place – Madison Angelito of Univ. of the Cumberlands
2nd Place – Makayla Bourbon of Univ. of the Cumberlands
3rd Place – Sam Smith of Lindenwood University Belleville
123 Pounds
1st Place – Sidney Salinas of Univ. of the Cumberlands
2nd Place – Addie Mejia of Missouri Valley College
3rd Place – Julia Hooper of Missouri Valley College
130 Pounds
1st Place – Shelby Hall of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Ismilena Valles of Univ. of the Cumberlands
3rd Place – Kellyann Jimenez of Univ. of the Cumberlands
136 Pounds
1st Place – Kayla Miracle of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Bridgette Duty of Univ. of the Cumberlands
3rd Place – Anna Poyner of Missouri Valley College
143 Pounds
1st Place – Alexia Foca of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Courtney Gray of Campbellsville University
3rd Place – Sophia Carson of Campbellsville University
155 Pounds
1st Place – Niauni Hill of Lindenwood University Belleville
2nd Place – Aylin Hernandez of Missouri Baptist University
3rd Place – Yuneris Taveras of Missouri Valley College
170 Pounds
1st Place – Mariah Harris of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Dymond Guilford of Missouri Baptist University
3rd Place – Sandy Garcia of Lindenwood University Belleville
191 Pounds
1st Place – Kaitlyn Hill of Campbellsville University
2nd Place – Alyssa Cantu of Missouri Valley College
3rd Place – Courteney Tompkins of Univ. of the Cumberlands

McKendree University Bearcats Roll in Match-up of Top-10 Teams

The third-ranked McKendree University Bearcats dominated seventh-ranked Emmanuel College in a match-up of top-10 teams on December 9th. The Bearcats won nine of ten bouts including six via bonus point victories. Emmanuel struggled to get anything going against a McKendree lineup that featured six wrestlers ranked in the top eight of their weight class. After an Emmanuel forfeit at 101-pounds to start things off, McKendree then earned two wins via fall in matches that Emmanuel was favored in. At 109-pounds seventh-ranked Vanessa Ramirez upset third-ranked Maria Vidales by fall in 4:37. It was a big win for Ramirez over an opponent who earned All-American honors last year with a third-place finish at the WCWA National Championships. Immediately following, unranked Allissa Maldonado pinned seventh-ranked Victoria Gutierrez to give the Bearcats a 15-0 lead. Emmanuel would never recover, eventually losing the dual 38-7. The lone victory for Emmanuel was at 170-pounds when Ophelia Lara defeated Kori Bullock on criteria in an 8-8 scrap. The marquee match of the night was at 143-pounds where McKendree’s second-ranked Alexis Porter and Emmanuel’s fourth-ranked Kayla Marano wrestled. The experience of the two-time All-American Porter was too much for the freshman Marano as Porter won the match 4-3.

#3 McKendree University 38 #6 Emmanuel College 7
101 – Coellet Rangel (MU) FF Forfeit (EC)
109 – #7 Vanessa Ramirez (MU) Fall #3 Maria Vidales (EC)
116 – Allissa Maldonado (MU) Fall #7 Victoria Gutierrez (EC)
123 – #4 Gabby Weyhrich (MU) Dec #8 (116) Alexis Encinas (EC) 8-6
130 – #2 (123) Brenda Reyna (MU) Tech Fall Sarah Zaragoza (EC) 10-0
136 – #1 (130) Megan Black (MU) Dec #6 (130) Abigail Nette (EC) 9-2
143 – #2 Alexis Porter (MU) Dec #4 Kayla Marano (EC) 4-3
155 – #7 Andrea Sennett (MU) Tech Fall Felicity Bryant (EC) 14-4
170 – Ophelia Lara (EC) Dec Kori Bullock (MU) 8-8
191 – Destane Garrick (MU) Fall Briana Jordan (EC)

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