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TOM’s College Wrestler of the Week – Dec. 25th, 2017

Bryce Meredith, Wyoming

Photo by Troy Babbitt

After putting together one of the best performances of the previous week, Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) stayed red hot on Tuesday night, wrestling in his home gym against two-time defending national champion Dean Heil (Oklahoma State). Meredith had battled Heil four times during his career, including with titles on the line at the 2016 NCAA Championships and 2017 Big 12 tournament, but each time he had been defeated. This match, which we broke down in-depth earlier, looked like many that Heil, riding a 55 match winning streak, had found a way to win in his career. There was excellent defense, a couple of fantastic scrambles, and Meredith never could get that one clean attack that would yield a takedown. However, this time he also didn’t give up a takedown on any of the scrambles, pushing the match into tie-breakers, tied at one. The Wyoming senior is tough on top, though Heil had always been able to get away from him before. In the first 30 second period, though, Meredith took a big step towards the win, keeping Heil down to gain the advantage. He quickly escaped when he got his chance to go underneath and kept Dean at bay as the clock expired, earning the biggest win of his career. For finally getting over the hump and being the man to beat Dean Heil, Bryce Meredith is TOM’s College Wrestler of the Week!

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