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What I Learned at the 2018 Southern Scuffle

2018 Southern Scuffle

Another tournament full of indelible images, unforgettable moments, and all manner of upsets took place over the past two days in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 2018 Southern Scuffle was missing a few of the power teams that graced the McKenzie Arena floor in past years, but the return of top-ranked Penn State and Lehigh's attendance ensured we'd have six defending national champions on hand. While those six reigned supreme, there was plenty of anarchy behind them. NCAA wrestling once again proved to be unpredictable, Duke had a tournament to remember, the danger zone rule continues to be great, and top wrestling can be maddening. Through it all, there were the Nittany Lions, team champions once again by 70 points over Northern Iowa. We no longer measure Penn State against most teams. All anyone wants to know is whether they can beat Ohio State in March. Now, we look at what this weekend taught us in regards to that as well as so much more!

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