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Live Stream Schedule for NCAA Division I Wrestling: Jan. 5th – Jan. 11th, 2018

Live Streams

37 NCAA Wrestling duals featuring Division I teams are live streaming on the internet this week in addition to two tournaments that are expected to include DI starters. Where can you watch? There are many outlets scattered around the web that will provide college wrestling this weekend, some free, some for a fee. Here is the list of all NCAA Division I wrestling events we’ve found streams for starting Friday, January 5th through Thursday, January 11th, 2018. If you spot any other DI streams, let us know by sending an email to support@theopenmat.com. Enjoy!

All start times are eastern. Dual rankings used for duals, tournament rankings used for tournaments.

The link at the end in the parentheses will take you directly to the stream if a direct link was available. Otherwise, it will take you to a schedule listing the event. If we had a preview of the competition, that will be linked in the name of the tournament or the names of the teams.

FloWrestling, BTNPlus, and the Ivy League Network require subscriptions.

TrackWrestling streams are pay-per-view.

WatchESPN, BTN, and FoxSportsGo streams require authentication through a cable provider that you have access to that channel.

Friday, January 5th:

Army West Point vs. Duke at North Carolina, 9:00 AM (WatchESPN)

Wyoming at #15 North Carolina, 9:00 AM (WatchESPN)

American at #15 North Carolina, 11:00 AM (WatchESPN)

Duke vs. Wyoming at North Carolina, 11:00 AM (WatchESPN)

#5 North Carolina State vs. #4 Oklahoma State at Naples, Italy, 1:30 PM (FloWrestling)

American vs. Duke at North Carolina, 5:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Army West Point vs. Wyoming at North Carolina, 5:00 PM (WatchESPN)

#3 Michigan at Indiana, 7:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

#1 Ohio State at Maryland, 7:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

American vs. Wyoming at North Carolina, 7:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Army West Point at #15 North Carolina, 7:00 PM (WatchESPN)

North Dakota State at #25 Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Michigan State at #9 Iowa, 8:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

Northern Colorado at Iowa State, 8:00 PM (Cyclones.TV)

Oregon State at #23 South Dakota State, 8:00 PM (FloWrestling)

#12 Nebraska at Illinois, 9:00 PM (BTN) – Stream and TV

Saturday, January 6th:

David H. Lehman Open, 9:00 AM (TrackWrestling), Lancaster, PA – Teams: Campbell, Davidson, Franklin & Marshall, Harvard, Sacred Heart

Jim Crytzer Memorial Invitational, 9:00 AM (Stretch Internet) – Finals at 2:30 PM Only, Lexington, VA – Teams: VMI

Air Force at Western State Colorado, 11:00 AM (Stretch Internet)

#10 Arizona State at #15 North Carolina, 4:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Buffalo at Columbia, 7:00 PM (Ivy League Network)

Bloomsburg at Edinboro, 7:00 PM (FloWrestling)

Sunday, January 7th:

Princeton at Purdue, 11:00 AM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

#1 Ohio State at #11 Rutgers, 12:00 PM (BTN) – Stream and TV

Eastern Michigan at Old Dominion, 1:00 PM (Monarch Media)

Michigan at Purdue, 1:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

Bucknell at Navy, 2:00 PM (Facebook Live)

Ohio at Central Michigan, 2:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Northwestern at Illinois, 2:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

Michigan State at #18 Minnesota, 2:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

Oklahoma at #25 Pittsburgh, 2:00 PM (WatchESPN)

Oregon State at Iowa State, 3:00 PM (Cyclones.TV)

Maryland at #12 Nebraska, 3:00 PM (FloWrestling/BTNPlus)

The Citadel at Southern Illinois Edwardsville, 3:00 PM (SIUE)

Cal Poly vs. Penn at Stanford, 3:00 PM (Pac-12 Plus/Stanford)

Penn at #24 Stanford, 6:00 PM (Pac-12 Plus/Stanford)

North Dakota State at West Virginia, 7:00 PM (West Virginia)

Wednesday, January 10th:

Appalachian State at Gardner-Webb, 7:00 PM (Big South Network)

Thursday, January 11th:

Buffalo at Missouri, 2:00 PM (Mizzou Network)

Keystone at #20 Drexel, 5:00 PM (Stretch Internet)

Franklin & Marshall at #20 Drexel, 7:00 PM (Stretch Internet)


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