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How Do 2018’s Seniors Stack up to the Best Non-NCAA Champions of the 2000’s


photos courtesy of Richard Immel; Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors

A subject that I have studied extensively and come back to every year is the “Best Non-NCAA Champions” at the DI level. Every year there is a new crop of seniors who end up falling short of their goals to become NCAA champions and put themselves in contention for this list that nobody strives to attain. It’s not my intention to make light of this, rather celebrate the excellent collegiate careers that these wrestlers have put together. Only ten wrestlers each year get to call themselves NCAA champions. Three seniors this season stood out as candidates who could make it onto my list of the “Best Non-NCAA Champions of the 2000’s,” and they are Brandon Sorensen (Iowa), Bo Jordan (Ohio State) and Adam Coon (Michigan). So what I have done is dissect each and every match of these wrestlers careers and compare them to a group of wrestlers whom I already have labeled as the top 15 Non-NCAA champions of the 2000’s. I was ab...

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