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NCAA D-I College Individual Regular Season Rankings – January 11th, 2022

Pictured: Pitt’s Cole Matthews (141) celebrates after a big win over then-No. 4 Stevan Micic of Michigan on Sunday, January 9, 2022. Photo courtesy of  Pitt Athletics. 

Our 10th full week of the 2021-2022 NCAA Division I wrestling season is in the books! With that, conference duals have arrived!

Here is The Open Mat’s latest set of national rankings for the 2021-22 Division I season. As the action progresses and starting lineups and weights classes become clearer, TOM will adjust its rankings accordingly. We have done so already and that will continue doing so throughout the year. Also of note, true freshmen are withheld from initial rankings. Once they wrestle at least one regular season match, they will be able to be added into the rankings. Also, academic classes are subject to some variability depending on how certain conferences, schools, and athletics websites address the free COVID-19 year. 

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Rank Wrestler SchoolClass ConferencePrevious
1Nick Suriano Michigan Senior Big Ten NR
2Pat Glory Princeton Junior EIWA1
3Vito Arujau Cornell Sophomore EIWA2
4Brandon Courtney Arizona State Junior Pac-123
5 Drew HildebrandtPenn State Senior Big Ten NR
6Killian Cardinale West Virginia Senior Big 124
7Michael DeAugustino Northwestern Sophomore Big Ten16
8Trevor Mastrogiovanni Oklahoma State Freshman Big 1210
9Patrick McKee Minnesota Junior Big Ten 12
10Eric Barnett Wisconsin Sophomore Big Ten6
11Drake Ayalya Iowa Freshman Big Ten NR
12Jakob CamachoNC StateSophomoreACC8
13Brody Teske Northern IowaSophomore Big 129
14Devin Schroder Purdue Senior Big Ten 7
15Brandon Kaylor Oregon State Junior Pac-1211
16Taylor LaMont Utah Valley Junior Big 12 5
17Malik Heinselman Ohio State Senior Big Ten 13
18Jaret Lane Lehigh Junior EIWA15
19Noah Surtin Missouri Freshman Big 1214
20Sam Latona Virginia Tech Freshman ACC18
1Roman Bravo-Young Penn State Junior Big Ten 1
2Daton Fix Oklahoma State Sophomore Big 122
3Austin DeSanto IowaSenior Big Ten 3
4Michael McGhee Arizona State Junior Pac-124
5Lucas Byrd Illinois Freshman Big Ten 5
6Korbin Myers Virginia Tech Senior ACC6
7Chris Cannon Northwestern Freshman Big Ten8
8Micky Phillippi Pittsburgh Junior ACC9
9Rayvon Foley Michigan State Senior Big Ten10
10Dylan RagusinMichigan FreshmanBig Ten11
11Jamie HernandezNorth Carolina Junior ACC12
12Michael Colaiocco Penn Sophomore EIWA7
13Devan Turner Oregon State Senior Pac-1213
14Haiden Drury Utah Valley FreshmanBig 1214
15Sammy AlvarezRutgers Sophomore Big Ten 15
16Anthony MadrigalOklahoma Junior Big 1220
17Chance Rich CSU-Bakersfield Sophomore Pac-1216
18Brian Courtney Virginia Sophomore ACC17
19Kai OrineNC StateFreshmanACC18
20Brock HudkinsIndianaSeniorBig Ten19
1Nick LeePenn State Senior Big Ten 1
2Jaydin EiermanIowaSenior Big Ten 2
3Sebastian Rivera Rutgers Senior Big Ten3
4Real Woods Stanford Junior Pac-125
5Stevan Micic Michigan Senior Big Ten 4
6Dylan Duncan Illinois Senior Big Ten 6
7Clay Carlson South Dakota State Sophomore Big 127
8Andrew AlirezNorthern Colorado Sophomore Big 128
9Kizhan Clarke North Carolina Senior ACC10
10Chad Red Nebraska Senior Big Ten9
11Allan Hart Missouri Junior Big 1211
12Dresden Simon Central MichiganSenior MAC 12
13Parker FiliusPurdueJuniorBig TenNR
14Grant Willits Oregon State Junior Pac-1213
15Ryan Jack NC State Freshman ACC14
16Cole Matthews Pittsburgh Junior ACCNR
17Jesse Vasquez Arizona State Freshman Pac-1216
18Dylan D'EmilioOhio State Freshman Big Ten 18
19Jake BergelandMinnesotaJuniorBig Ten19
20Carter Young Oklahoma State Freshman Big 12 20
1Yianni DiakomihalisCornell JuniorEIWA1
2Sammy Sasso Ohio State Junior Big Ten 2
3Tariq Wilson NC State Senior ACC3
4Ridge LovettNebraska SophomoreBig Ten4
5Bryce Andonian Virginia Tech SophomoreACC6
6Yahya Thomas Northwestern Junior Big Ten 5
7Josh Finesilver Duke Senior ACC7
8Jonathan MillnerAppalachian StateJunior SoCon 8
9Josh Heil Campbell Senior SoCon 9
10Austin GomezWisconsin Senior Big Ten 11
11Kyle Parco Arizona State Freshman Pac-1210
12Jaden Abas Stanford Freshman Pac-1212
13Max Murin Iowa Senior Big Ten 15
14Mitch Moore Oklahoma Junior Big 1213
15Kaden Gfeller Oklahoma State Junior Big 1214
16Mike Carr Illinois Senior Big Ten 16
17Legend Lamer Cal Poly SophomorePac-1218
18Josh EdmondMissouriFreshmanBig 1218
19Manzona Bryant Lehigh Freshman EIWA19
20Beau Bartlett Penn StateFreshman Big Ten 20
1David CarrIowa StateSophomoreBig 121
2Ryan Deakin Northwestern Senior Big Ten2
3Brayton LeeMinnesota SophomoreBig Ten 3
4Jacori Teemer Arizona State Sophomore Pac-124
5Austin O'Connor North Carolina Junior ACC6
6Jared Franek North Dakota StateSophomore Big 127
7Quincy Monday Princeton Junior EIWA5
8Peyton Robb Nebraska Sophomore Big Ten 8
9Ed Scott NC State Freshman ACC11
10Josh HumphreysLehigh Senior EIWA 9
11Kendall ColemanPurdueSophomoreBig Ten10
12Kaleb Young Iowa Senior Big Ten 13
13Wyatt Sheets Oklahoma State Senior Big 1212
14Connor Brady Virginia Tech Freshman ACC14
15Jarrett Jacques Missouri Junior Big 1215
16Jacob Wright Wyoming Junior Big 1216
17Will Lewan Michigan Sophomore Big Ten 17
18Chase Saldate Michigan State SophomoreBig Ten 18
19Johnny LovettCentral MichiganFreshmanMACNR
20Justin Thomas Oklahoma Junior Big 12 20
1Evan Wick Cal Poly Senior Pac-121
2Keegan O'Toole Missouri Freshman Big 122
3Shane Griffith Stanford SophomorePac-123
4Alex Marinelli Iowa Senior Big Ten4
5Carson Kharchla Ohio State Freshman Big Ten5
6Travis Whitlake Oklahoma State Freshman Big 126
7Anthony Valencia Arizona State Senior Pac-127
8Dean Hamiti Wisconsin Freshman Big Ten 9
9Julian Ramirez Cornell Freshman EIWA8
10Cameron Anime Michigan Freshman Big Ten 11
11Peyton Hall West Virginia Freshman Big 1210
12Phillip ConigliaroHarvardSophomoreEIWA12
13Jake Wentzel Pittsburgh Senior ACC13
14Izzak OlejnikNorthern IllinoisSophomore MAC14
15Zach Hartman Bucknell Senior EIWA15
16Luke Weber North Dakota StateSophomoreBig 1216
17Cael Carlson MinnesotaSophomoreBig Ten19
18Justin McCoy VirginiaSenior ACC17
19Cole Moody Wyoming Senior Big 1218
20Thomas Bullard NC State Senior ACC20
1Carter Starocci Penn State Freshman Big Ten 1
2Michael Kemerer Iowa Senior Big Ten 2
3Mekhi Lewis Virginia Tech Sophomore ACC3
4Hayden HidlayNC State Senior ACC5
5Mike Labriola Nebraska Senior Big Ten 4
6Logan Massa Michigan Senior Big Ten 6
7Ethan Smith Ohio State Junior Big Ten 7
8Adam Kemp Cal Poly Sophomore Pac-128
9Matt Finesiver Duke Senior ACC9
10Dustin Plott Oklahoma State Freshman Big 1210
11Cade DeVos South Dakota State SophomoreBig 1211
12Peyton Mocco Missouri Sophomore Big 1213
13Hayden Hastings Wyoming Junior Big 1214
14Michael O'Malley DrexelSophomoreEIWA15
15Clay Lautt North Carolina Junior ACC17
16Andrew McNally Wisconsin Senior Big Ten16
17Chris Foca Cornell Sophomore EIWA12
18Joel Devine Iowa State Sophomore Big 1218
19Gerrit Nijenhuis Purdue Freshman Big Ten NR
20Bailee O'ReillyMinnesotaJuniorBig TenNR
1Aaron BrooksPenn State SophomoreBig Ten 1
2Myles Anime Michigan Senior Big Ten 2
3Trent Hidlay NC State Sophomore ACC3
4Parker KeckeisenNorthern Iowa FreshmanBig 12 4
5John PoznanskiRutgers FreshmanBig Ten 5
6Kaleb Romero Ohio State Senior Big Ten 6
7Bernie TrauxCal Poly Junior Pac-127
8Dakota Greer Oklahoma State Senior Big 12 11
9Marcus ColemanIowa StateJuniorBig 129
10Donnell Washington Indiana Freshman Big Ten 8
11Kyle CochranMaryland Junior Big Ten12
12Trey Munoz Oregon State Freshman Pac-1213
13Taylor Venz Nebraska Senior Big Ten 10
14Brit WilsonNorthern IllinoisJuniorMAC14
15Johnathan LoewCornell Sophomore EIWA15
16Hunter Bolen Virginia Tech Junior ACC16
17Jeremiah Kent Missouri Sophomore Big 12 17
18Tate Samuelson Wyoming Junior Big 1218
19Abe Assad Iowa Sophomore Big Ten 20
20Max Lyon Purdue Senior Big Ten NR
1AJ Ferrari Oklahoma State Freshman Big 12 1
2Max Dean Penn State Junior Big Ten 2
3Jacob Warner Iowa Junior Big Ten 3
4Stephen BuchananWyoming SophomoreBig 12 5
5Patrick Brucki Michigan Senior Big Ten11
6Rocky Elam Missouri Freshman Big 126
7Eric Schultz Nebraska Senior Big Ten 7
8Greg Bulsak Rutgers Senior Big Ten 10
9Nino Bonaccorsi Pittsburgh Junior ACC4
10Jake Woodley Oklahoma Junior Big 129
11Lou DePrez BinghamtonJuniorEIWA12
12Yonger BastidaIowa StateSophomoreBig 1216
13Thomas Penola Purdue Senior Big Ten 8
14Kordell Norfleet Arizona State Junior Pac-1214
15Jay AielloVirginiaSeniorACC15
16Cam Caffey Michigan State Senior Big Ten 18
17Isaac Trumble NC State FreshmanACC13
18Luke StoutPrincetonFreshmanEIWA17
19Jacob Cardinas Cornell SophomoreEIWA 19
20Gavin HoffmanOhio StateSophomoreBig Ten 20
1Gable Steveson Minnesota Junior Big Ten 1
2Mason Parris Michigan Junior Big Ten2
3Cohlton SchultzArizona State Freshman Pac-123
4Greg KerkvlietPenn StateFreshmanBig Ten4
5Tony Cassioppi Iowa Junior Big Ten 5
6Wyatt Hendrickson Air Force Sophomore Big 126
7Jordan WoodLehighSeniorEIWA 8
8Matt StencelCentral MichiganSenior MAC 9
9Trent Hilger Wisconsin Junior Big Ten 7
10Gary Traub Oregon State Senior Pac-1210
11Christian LanceNebraskaSeniorBig Ten11
12Lucas Davison Northwestern Sophomore Big Ten 15
13Tate Orndorff Ohio State Senior Big 1212
14Nathan TraxlerVirginia Tech Senior ACC13
15Zach Elam Missouri Junior Big 1214
16Brian Andrews Wyoming Senior Big 1216
17Luke LuffmanIllinoisSophomoreBig TenNR
18Lewis FernandesCornellSophomore EIWA17
19Zachary Knighton-WardHofstraSenior EIWA20
20Joe Doyle BinghamtonJuniorEIWANR

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