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The 10 Most Important NCAA DI Wrestling Matches of the Week – Jan. 16th, 2018

Wick/Massa, Spencer Lee

Photo of Evan Wick/Taylor Massa (left) by Tony Rotundo, WrestlersAreWarriors.com, photo of Spencer Lee (right) by Mark Lundy, LutteLens.com

The long road to Cleveland rolls on with bitter cold gripping much of the country. This is the time of year where focus can wander. Conference tournaments are still more than a month away, the excitement of a new season of competition has worn off, and the constant grind is a challenge for even the most dedicated competitor. These are the days that push grapplers to their limits and set up the post-season scraps to come. Cutting weight wrong one time or not quite putting your best foot forward could result in a loss that changes everything in March. Sure, you have time to set things right, but too often one loss turn into two, then three. Before long it has snowballed, your confidence is shot, and the season is lost. Stay focused out there! We know these 20 athletes will be ready to go as they face opponents that would grab anyone's attention. Here are this week's 10 most important NCAA Division I wrestling matches.

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